November 15, 2012

Wadi Finan For Arts in Abu Dhabi

If you are looking for really great art for your house or office that won't break the bank, head down to the exhibition GEMS OF THE MIDDLE EAST. In co-ordination with the spouse of the Jordanian Ambassador to Abu-dhabi, Mrs.Jathal Al Hindwai, Al Siwar Events brings you WADI FINAN ART GALLERY from Jordan. 

Showcasing art by emerging and up and coming artists from the Middle East, you are going to find treasures here. The BEST part about this exhibition is that all of the pieces are very affordable and they are all original prints so no-one one will have the same painting as you.

Here is a little background of the artists whose works will be showcased
(Note that the paintings shown are samples of these artists works and not necessarily what you will find at the exhibition)

Ahmad Subaih

Born in 1965, he studied at Yarmouk University in Jordan and has had many exhibitions in Jordan and around the world

Issam Tantawi

Born in Jerusalem in 1954, he started as an award winning photographer. He recently channeled his energy into painting and has showcased his works in exhibitions in Jordan, Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Indonesia and the U.A.E 

Besher Koshaji

Born in Syria in 1983, this young artist holds a lot of promise. He completed his Masters of Fine Arts at Damascus University

Ayyad Al Nimr

Born and raised in Egypt, he taught art for ten years and published several art books. His works can be found at the National Museum of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bahrain, the U.K, the U.A.E, France, Holland, Spain and the U.S

Fadi Daoud

He is Jordanian and has very linear art. His art is influenced by Hussein Bakeer, George Bahjouri 
and Sufi spirituality

Fares Rizk

He was born in Egypt and was named the 'Peinture Poete' by Fakhrenissa Zeid. Fares Rizk creates vibrant poetic paintings alive with colors that are inspired by his travels. He completed his Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from Parsons School of Design in NYC 

Samia Zaru

Samia was born in Palestine and studied Fine Arts in Beirut and in Washington. Her art is a blend of abstract work with handy crafts using oil, acrylic, water colors, and wooden blocks. She molds mettalic sculptures and does her own embroidery which she uses in her art

Riham Ghassib

Born in Amman, Riham paints from memory pictures that reflect her perception of the Jordanian country side with all its simplicity and beauty 

Ufemia Rizk

Born in Jaffa, Ufemia currently lives in Montreal. She studied at AUB, the Sorbonne in Paris and Dawson College in New York and has received distinctions from France and Japan

Rafiq Lahham

Born in Damascus, Rafiq Lahham is the first jordanian artist to work in print and uses calligraphy in his work 

Hassan Jalal

Born in Egypt, by the age of 52 he had produced FOUR THOUSAND pieces of art!

The exhibition will be held from November 20 through 23, from 11 am to 9 pm at Cafe Arabia
Location: 15th Street between 2nd/Airport Road and 24th/Karamah. Opposite Al Mushrif Park. 
 Tel: 02- 643 9699 

See you there! :)

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