November 8, 2012

Celebrity Hairdressers at Belle Femme

Ever looked at pictures of celebrities and thought, "OMG, I love her hair!" Then you showed your hairdresser in Abu-Dhabi or Dubai the picture, told him to copy it but you ended up with something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?! Well then I have some great news for you! 

From November 26- 29, the winner of 'The Best Salon in Dubai' Belle Femme is hosting three celebrity hairstylists directly from New York  to cater to your every whim.

Marie Robinson, the owner of  The Marie Robinson Salon in NYC, is one of the most influential hair colourists and stylists in the industry. She boasts a long list of celebrity clients including 
Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Scarlett Johansson, Liv Tyler and many more. 
She has also been highlighting my hair for the past two years

AMY Huson is a colorist at the Marie Robinson Salon and is better known for creating 'incredibly naturally looking hair'. Her work has been exhibited in ads for Louis Vuitton, GAP, and DKNY

Allison Woodruff is a stylist at the Marie Robinson Salon and has worked on many fashion shows including Marc Jacobs, Dior, Prada, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and MiuMiu. She works with clients to create hairstyles that compliment their lifestyle, face shape and hair type.
 (I'd say that is refreshing for the U.A.E- every time I ask for a cut at my regular salon, I end up looking the same. ALWAYS!)

My experience with Marie Robinson
I first discovered Marie Robinson when I visited NYC before my engagement and needed a fresh and natural look. The way she highlights hair fascinated me! She can foil just the ends of your hair, or a piece here and another one there, and you end up looking like your hair is naturally highlighted and not painted. Not only did I fall in love with my hair, but almost everyone complimented me on it! 

The highlights lasted for six months and then I went back to her before my wedding and again when she visited Belle Femme before the summer. I refuse to let anyone else touch my hair now, even though it is growing out and is in need of some TLC. I can't lie and will admit that Marie is quite pricey but oh so worth it! I promise you will LOVE your hair when she is done and will never turn back to a regular hairdresser!

I recommend you book your appointment from now as the celebrity stylists tend to book up fast. I already took my appointment!  See you there!! 

Happy hair styling ladies :)

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