September 30, 2013

FLIPSTERS: Stylish Foldable Slippers

One of my MOST embarrassing moments is hobbling out of my nail parlour wearing disposable paper slippers. It never ceases to be mortifying! It happens when I find enough free time to get a pedicure during the day but my shoes have covered toes. Not very pedicure-friendly but no time to go back home and change! 

Luckily, I have discovered a very stylish solution which EVERY woman should know about! FLIPSTERS (Link Here) - foldable slippers which fit into almost every handbag. Invented in Australia by two law students, they are now sold in the U.A.E. Each colour has a matching case which can be taken anywhere and everywhere. They are waterproof, machine washable, durable, and very light. 

The straps are made of silk so there is no risk of blisters

Choose from 9 different shades in four sizes (XS, S, M, L)

Flipsters also sells Coco Flats which are foldable ballerinas. They are available in 6 colors & are perfect when you want to change out of your heels at a wedding, while walking outdoors, or shopping.   

I recommend you get them in many different colours to suit all your outfits!

September 29, 2013

Butter Cookies - the MOST delicious cookies EVER

For the past few months, my Instagram Account (@MySmallObsessions) has been flooded with pictures of delicious cookies from Butter Dessert Salon. Every single tag line is something along the lines of 'YUM', 'DELICIOUS', 'OMG' etc. I decided that I absolutely HAD to try them and share my review with you :)

I contacted the owner Fatma (a lovely person btw!) and ordered a box of cookies. I swear, I have never tasted a more DELICIOUS cookie! She sent me their Nutella Sea Salt Cookie which is filled with real gooey nutella and sprinkled in salt to offbeat the sweat Nutella taste. The result is pure PERFECTION! I shared the box with a few of my chocoholic friends and we ALL had the same expression on our faces!

This cookie dosen't only look good, it tastes DIVINE!

If you love Nutella, you simply MUST try these cookies! And then secretly thank me when your mouth is full and you are thinking 'OMG I'm in Heaven!!!'

Butter Dessert Salon is located in Dubai and all orders are delivered. They only deliver to Dubai. 
Email or call 04-2038513 for orders.


September 28, 2013

Get the Look for MUCH Less - Leather Ankle Boots!

Vogue Japan's Anna Dello Russo in Saint Laurent floral dress & ankle boots

Ankle boots are HUGE this season and especially the ones at Saint Laurent. They are black and adorned with tons of studs and buckles. Every celebrity and fashionista has been seen wearing these chunky leather boots and I am OBSESSED! To keep them from looking too bad-ass, wear yours with a floral printed dress (a la Anna Dello Russo above) or with a cute skirt and top. Contrast is key in perfecting this look. 

I found these really great ones at Mango that you can wear without feeling guilty if this trend disappears next season. Enjoy!

AED 5510

AED 710 (£120)

Happy Shopping Ladies! 

September 26, 2013

REISS: The Brand on my Radar!

At the beginning of this month, I was invited to an event for the clothing brand REISS. It was held at a chalet at the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates overlooking the ski slope. What a stunning setting and PERFECT location to showcase a Fall/Winter Collection! I must admit that I have never bought anything from REISS and it is not one of the my preferred brands. Well, I couldn't be MORE wrong!

The view from the Chalet was breathtaking - I felt like I was on a real ski slope! 

Their collection this season consists of super wearable clothes. Beautiful party dresses that are suitable for every occasion, amazing pieces for the working businesswoman who wants to stand out, lots of separates that complete a wardrobe and really cool accessories. I could see myself wearing more than half of the collection! REISS is definitely on my radar when I want to revamp my wardrobe.

Below are just a few of the pieces I liked in their collection. I especially loved the leather, the prints and the accessories. Each piece has that extra something special to make it stand out. 


This clutch is my favourite accessory in the whole collection. Love it!

Do you like the new REISS Fall/Winter collection??

September 25, 2013

It's ALL about Pearls!

Pearls on the Lanvin Runway

Remember how our grandmothers and mothers used to wear pearls? A short string around their neck with perhaps a pearl in each ear. Tres Chic! Then Karl Lagerfeld updated the look and made wearing long chains of pearls with the Chanel logo the IT item to wear for years. This season, pearls have gotten another revamp and have been mixed with different metals and beads to look more Punk than Chic.  I think I like them more this way! They are more fun!

Grunge Pearl Bracelet on the Saint Laurent Runway 

There isn't one particular length that is IN so wear which ever suits you best :)

Here are a few of my favourite picks:

This one is on sale :)

I couldn't believe this is ZARA, it looks SO MUCH MORE!

This necklace is quite busy but is an amazing statement piece to spice up an outfit

DOLCE & GABBANA Faux Pearl Earrings (Link)

TOM BINNS Twisted Pearl Necklace (Link) 

FOREVER BY FALLON Twisted Collar Necklace (Link)

COAST Tanya Necklace (Link)
This is a steal at AED 240 ($65)!!

Will you be wearing Grunge-y Pearls this Fall??

September 22, 2013

Outfits at London Fashion Week

Perhaps more than the clothes on the London Fashion Week runways, I get really excited about show-goer's outfits. London fashion oozes style and everyone is eclectic and different in their own way. You don't usually find two people wearing the same thing because no one ever wears head to toe runway looks. They love to mix and match. Add to that the constant rain, and somehow everyone always looks super put together and FABULOUS! Not a hair out of place! 

London Fashion Week is now over and the fash pack have moved on to Milan, where their outfits will get much more chic and polished. Here are some of my favourite looks from London to inspire your fall/winter wardrobes this season :)

Poppy Delevingne in an ERDEM dress & DSquared2 sparkly shades

Miroslava Duma
Loving her Shorouk necklace! 
(Source: Diego Zuko at

Sienna Miller wore green on green at Burberry

I love how she mixed a floral skirt with an edgy leather biker jacket. 
Tres Chic!
(Source: Diego Zuko at

Olivia Polermo totally on trend in printed trousers & Fur
(Source: Diego Zuko at

Joanna Hillman in fur, tartan & white denim
(Source: Diego Zuko at

Kate Moss with a flashy blue bag at the Longchamp party
('s Leila Navari in a patchwork snakeskin sweater & ripped jeans
(Source: Diego Zuko at

Elena Perminova in green fur & Balenciaga shoes
(Source: Diego Zuko at

Even Harry Stiles was on trend in an animal printed shirt

Which look is your favourite??

September 21, 2013

Koi Restaurant at the St Regis Saadiyat - A Review

It's always exciting when a new and Fabulous restaurant opens in Abu Dhabi. The newest one is Koi Restaurant, a Japanese fusion franchise straight from Los Angeles. It is located at the St Regis Hotel in Saadiyat Island and is a definite MUST GO! For once, I found a restaurant with good food that was PACKED and had a very fun and vibrant vibe. In Abu dhabi! There was not one empty seat in the place. Now that's quite impressive :)

The decor of the restaurant is very modern Japanese with wooden walls and floors, a full-grass wall separating the bar area from the restaurant, a sushi bar, and really cool ceilings and columns. While the atmosphere is quite serene, the blaring music gives the restaurant a great ambiance. 

The Lounge area was just as full as the restaurant with a lit bar along one wall and low tables.
Quite a few of the people were having dinner here as well as drinks

Now onto the important part ... THE FOOD!!

The starters are absolutely mouthwatering & are made to share!
Clockwise from top left: Salmon with truffles, Yellowtail with jalapenos, spinach & mushroom salad, seaweed salad (Yum!)

My favourite dishes were the sticky rice with spicy tuna, grilled eggplant & lobster tacos 
The Lobster Tacos are so good you won't want to share! 

Unfortunately, the sushi menu is very basic with the simplest of options
Everything we ordered had no taste - The salmon, tuna, crab & yellowtail all tasted bland

To make up for the bland sushi, we over-ordered dessert!
Clockwise from top left: Ice cream sundae, creme bruler, chocolate sauce & brownies, fresh Mochi ice cream.
Everything was delicious with the Mochi being my favourite!

I absolutely loved KOI and highly recommend that you have dinner there! While the sushi isn't so great, the starters are yummy and the vibe is very Dubai-like. It is nice to find a new restaurant in Abu Dhabi which isn't deserted for a change! 
There is a very extensive main dishes menu which looked appetizing. I am definitely trying it next time! :)

The restaurant is PACKED so make sure you book! 
02- 678 3334 

Have you tried KOI at the St Regis?

September 20, 2013

Outfit Du Jour

Dubai Fashion Events are in full swing this month and for one of the events,  I needed an outfit that was not too over the top, yet not subdued either. I chose this lovely grey and gold Zayan dress from hew new Fall 2013 collection. I over accessorized it with big statement jewellery and killer heels. Voila, my final look :)

DRESS: ZAYAN Robyn Dress (Link)
Short Necklace: ROBERTO CAVALI
Long Necklace: SAINT LAURENT