November 13, 2012

Brad Pitt & Chanel No. 5

Check out the above video of Brad Pitt promoting Chanel No. 5

Its Chanel No.5. And its Brad Pitt. A timeless perfume that has been passed down through generations of women and being promoted by a timeless, gorgeous, superstar actor. They seem the perfect fit but for some reason I can't pinpoint, I don't like the advertisement! It seems too sombre and sad. Where is the music?  I much preferred this video for Coco Mademoiselle with Kiera Knightley

What do you think? 

On the flip side, when I walked past the Chanel fragrance stand at Selfridges and found a huge poster of Brad Pitt looking down at me, I couldn't help but stop and stare. The man is gorgeous and if he thinks that women should wear Chanel perfume, then perhaps we should! (I already do but was so tempted to buy another bottle!)

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