November 6, 2012


For a guide with CELINE bags, sizes, and colours for Spring/Summer 2013, CLICK HERE (link)

Move over Chanel: there is a new IT bag and its on the radar of all fashionistas. The Celine Trapeze Tri-color bag. It is on waiting lists around the world with customers fighting to get their hands on one! It is only sold in brick-and-mortar boutiques and almost none of the reputed online stores carry it. 

The Trapeze is available in many colour combinations, leathers and animal skins and comes in two sizes- small and large. It is carried on your forearm via a rigid leather strap or on your shoulder by a softer shoulder strap. The sides can also be folded in so the bag takes more of a square shape.

Trapeze Tri-color bags from the Winter 2012 collection 

My experience with the Trapeze bag
SOMEHOW I did not know about this bag until I went to London. Every SINGLE woman in Knightsbridge was either carrying a Trapeze or frantically trying to get her hands on one in the boutiques and department stores. Arabs and Asians all seem to be OBSESSED with this bag!

I went to Selfridges and asked a salesperson (S1) on the ground floor where Celine was. 
S1: "Are you trying to get a Trapeze bag?"
ME: "Yes but first let me carry it and see what the fuss is all about!"
S1 whispering: "Well I used to be the manager of Celine and can get you a bag. Go upstairs to the boutique and tell them that I sent you. Tell them you are travelling and NEED to get your hands on a bag."

I laughed and went upstairs to the boutique. I saw a young Arab guy snapping a pic of the one Trapeze bag they had on display. Salesperson 2 (S2) then JUMPED from where she was standing and said:

S2: "You can't take photographs of this bag!"
Arab guy: "My sister is in Kuwait and intends to buy one but she wants to see if she likes it in this color."
S2 replies rudely: "Well EVEN if she does, it is not for sale. There is a waiting list for this bag and this one is only for display."

The Arab guy leaves and I asked her:
ME: "Will you be getting any more in stock?"
S2: "NO"
ME (whispering): "Well S1 downstairs told me to tell you that I am leaving on Saturday and that you could get me a bag if I let you know."
S2 (also whispering): "Oh you know S1? Well then we are getting a new shipment on Friday and if you call at 9:30 am sharp we will let you know which colours and sizes we have. If you like any of them, then you need to come to the store ASAP and grab one. There is a very long waiting list!"

I took her number and left the store. I honestly couldn't believe why there was so much fuss over one bag!!! 

I then went to Harrods where another saleslady confirmed that there is a HUGE waiting list for the bag. She didn't let me photograph it BUT she let me carry it. I found the smaller version to be much more comfortable to carry than the larger one. 

Moral of the story? We women, myself included, are CRAZY when it comes to Fashion! Now of course I want a Trapeze because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get!! That must be Celine's strategy - make a bag, gift it to the celebrities and socialites for free to carry around town and then make it impossible for regular customers to get their hands on one!

Celebrities carrying the Trapeze bag
From left to right: Alessandra Ambrosio - Amanda Seyfried - Olivia Palermo 

What do you think of the Trapeze bag? Would you put your name on the waiting list for it?


  1. So did you ultimately get one? I am thinking of getting the Celine mini luggage bag but again 2 months wait but like you said the world has it and the more i see it the more i want it :)

    1. I'm getting one in the mail from the U.S. as we speak!!! Yay i can't wait for it to arrive :)


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