November 18, 2012

Meet Lulu: Art made from our garbage!

I would like to take a moment to share with you an issue I find increasingly important, pollution.  I was VERY happy and surprised to find this issue addressed and on display in Abu Dhabi mall (of all places!) for all the shoppers to view. 

Can you believe this fish is made purely from TRASH collected from Lulu Island?!!  

In 2011, The Volvo Ocean Race committee wanted to raise awareness about the serious problems created by pollution of the sea. They created the 'Keep the Oceans Clean!' Project in collaboration with Skeleton Sea, artists and surfers who create art using beach-trash. Each port of the race created a sculpture using the garbage they collected from the beach in their area.

In January of 2012, Abu Dhabi participated in this project and 'Lulu Fish' was created using trash collected on Lulu Island. 90 people participated in the beach clean up and the Skeleton Sea Portuguese artist Joao Parrinha created this sculpture.

A close up of the trash items used to create Lulu Fish

Lulu Fish measures 2 metres in width and over 1.5 metres in height (its really quite impressive) and basically translates into the fact that there is A LOT of crap lying around on Lulu Island!

The message is clear: PLEASE stop littering because in the end, we are really only harming ourselves! Polluted seas mean polluted fish and seafood and that all comes back into us when we eat it! 

Lulu Fish is on display in Abu Dhabi mall and will be housed permanently at the head offices of NGSCO (the shipping arm of ADNOC). 

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