November 21, 2012

The Opening of PartiPerfect Caterers

I was invited this past Saturday to the grand opening of PARTIPERFECT CATERERS - a catering company owned by Lana Nasser that caters events, offers a self-service cafe, and a children's activity centre.

The event had a very fun and friendly vibe with all of Lana's closest and dearest friends turning up to wish her place luck. There was a dj, a saxophonist and freshly cooked, incredibly mouth watering food! 

Partiperfect Caterers is primarily a catering company and I was super impressed with the kitchen. It is huge, at 1,615 square feet, and is filled with positive energy with its stripped green and orange walls. Here, they make delicious food and dessert for all kinds of events. They also offer cooking lessons and cooking-gatherings for adults or children. They can personally tailor the menu that is to be cooked to your needs. 

Lana's Cafe, named after the hands-on owner Lana, is a cute, warm self service cafe with freshly prepared comfort food. I found it the perfect place to sit and blog with a cup of coffee or to meet up with a few girlfriends for coffee or lunch. It has the coolest tables with prints of Italian chefs on them. 

On the third floor is Kinza's playroom, an activity center for children stocked with Zoomerang games. 

Lana had all of her famous dishes on display for her guests to taste 
My favourites were the oven baked turkey, quinoa salad and German sausages

The dessert display was mouth-watering!
My friends Dareen & Betty filling boxes with Lana's yummies for their kids 

Kinza's Playroom on the third floor is a children's activity centre equipped with Zoomerang games

The owner Lana and I

Partiperfect Caterers  is located at Marina Office Park, behind Marina Mall Abu Dhabi 


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