September 3, 2013

Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi

I'm SOOOO excited!! Abu Dhabi FINALLY has a decent mall we can shop at - the Galleria Mall at Al Maryah Island. I visited it yesterday and was SUPER impressed! I was initially under the impression that all of the stores are only luxury stores. Instead, I found a really great mix of luxury brands with mid-range stores like Juicy, Hogan, Sephora, Tory Burch, Pinko, Diane Von Furstenberg and others that we can actually BUY something from!  

The Galleria boasts 100 stores and 25 F&B outlets. Fifty of the brands are new to Abu Dhabi. The stores that are currently available in the city have completely different collections than those at Marina Mall. Thankfully, they are more similar to Dubai and abroad with funkier and less classic stuff. 

Overall, the mall is very pleasant to shop at. It has a positive vibe, high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, and almost all of the F&B outlets are at the waterfront. It's refreshing not to be cooped up within four walls with no windows like most malls! 

I found the mix of stores to be very impressive
The ONLY two stores I found missing are Starbucks and a multi-brand boutique 

Louis Vuitton is two FLOORS high

Christian Dior is HUGE with a collection that rivals Monaco & Saint Tropez

It even has a Magnolia Bakery from NYC! YUMM :)

Getting to the Mall is really easy - it is behind Abu Dhabi Mall. Right before the Beach Hotel, take the new bridge and you will be on Al Maryah Island. On the island, there are very clear signs to the mall. 

I am SUPER excited to shop at this mall and HIGHLY recommend you visit it soon!
Happy Shopping :)


  1. Hi,

    The country like Dubai is blessed with superlative activities and sightseeing adventures. The exhibitions and malls of Dubai are really marvelous.

    1. Dubai is a country? I think if you cannot travel, you should at least read to educate yourself about the world's geography. Sorry about the blunt remarks but you have badly mistaken Dubai as a country! I hope you are also not calling Hongkong as country because that is also all too common to most people who have not travelled around.

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  3. Lots of food outlets are now open in The Galleria, such as Zuma, Sushi Art, Taqado, and Godiva. Plus the much awaited brand Kenzo is already open. I heard they are also doing an outdoor cinema event every weekend, so basically its not just a place to spend money, but to experience the events as well with the whole family!


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