November 29, 2012

Treat Yourself this National Day!

Today I have a fun topic to share with you, one that I have been researching all week and having a great time in the process!

With National Day just around the corner, bakeries and sweet shops have gotten creative and are offering their own versions of patriotic treats. Here is the best of what I found. Trust me when I say that it took A LOT of willpower not to take a sample from each store and INDULGE! 

I decided instead to let you choose for yourself which ones to try! It's a difficult choice as they are all mouthwatering! 

While you browse through the photos, think of me saying... OMG YUMMMM!!! :)

P.S. Click any of the shop names under the pictures and you will be directed to their websites with location details and phone numbers.


HEY SUGAR BAKESHOP has one of the best readily available selections in my opinion.
Clockwise from the top: cupcakes, biscuit lollypops, cake, cake pops

KITSCH CONCEPT is offering these cupcakes with the flag and 
others with icing in the shape of a rose that need to be ordered in advance

(order in advance)


PARTIPERFECT CATERING is offering cupcakes and cookies 
(You need to order 3 days in advance)

ARLEQUIN is going retro with these push-up cakes in the colors of the National flag.
Remember the push-up ice-cream we used to eat in the 80s?
Really cool :)

PATCHI is offering chocolates in many different arrangements

BATEEL is selling chocolates with the U.A.E flag and 
arrangements of dates and chocolates

MAGNOLIA BAKERY at Bloomingdale's in Dubai Mall is keeping it simple and letting the yumminess speak for itself! 

BLOOMSBURY'S has intricately designed cupcakes 

Now sit back, take a bite and ENJOY!

The pics above are of the treats I personally found in these stores. You can call to inquire if they have other options. 

Which ones are you favourite? 

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