November 16, 2012

Up Close & Personal: CORTO MOLTEDO


There is a brand of handbags on my fashion radar that I have recently become OBSESSED! with, Corto Moltedo. Founded by Mr. Gabriel Corto Moltedo in 2004, the brand includes exquisitely designed handbags made of luxurious leathers and skins. All of the bags are SHOW-STOPPERS and literally crave attention because they are so beautiful and unique. 

Mr. Moltedo is the son of Bottega Veneta founders Vittorio and Laura Moltedo. Being a member of one of Italy's most prominent luxury goods families, he was raised as an apprentice to the trade of artisan- crafted leather. With his exclusive insight and experience, his passion for leathers and skins and his superb craftsmanship are evident in the handbags. Having been born and raised in New York, and now living between Paris, Venice and Florence, his collections are eclectic. 

I caught up with Mr. Moltedo on the eve of the Private Preview of the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection in Dubai.  I was lucky enough to get a EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW for my readers. Happy Reading! :) 

Tell me about your brand. What was your inspiration to start it?

I had a dream and I followed it. I was very lucky indeed to have people who believed in me, so I took the opportunity to follow my family's tradition of finely crafted accessories. 

Describe the typical woman you see carrying your bags?

This weekend she is reading the Financial Times with her husband in bed. She is skimming over the 'How to Spend it' section. Later, she will get ready for the Serpentine Gallery after a big brunch at Royal China dimsum. She also regularly updates Instagram and follows GiovannaBattaglia1979.

Among his inspirations, Mr. Moltedo is inspired by music as seen in this 
ARTO A4 clutch designed to look like a cassette tape 

Other than music, what else inspires you? 

I am inspired by my recent travels as that is all I seem to be doing these days! :) Occasionally, on my trips, I visit antique markets and museum exhibitions.

Tell me about your Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection:

Autumn/ Winter 2012 is all about Cherokee and military green and navy colours for my accessories. I've kept the bags very minimal, very clean and functional while pushing the evening clutches a bit with more colourful fantasy. I am going for a Western Look. You can find the collection at my website,, or at

Bags from the Autume/Winter 2012 Collection

Do you have a favourite piece in this collection? 

I have many and the new ones I introduce for sure. Today I'm particularly fond of the BABY MONACO BAG, a small satchel that I like worn on the shoulder, particularly in the python and the goat variations. 

I'm also in love with the CORTO PANNIER bag which is great for an everyday carefree lifestyle. It is having a slow start but my friends are warming up to it little by little. With its two large pockets, it is all about back to school. 

Tell me about any future collaborations or projects you have in the pipeline?

I am currently launching two collaborations:

- One with the cartoon company Olive Oyl (the female character in the Popeye cartoon) where I designed a bag for the character based on her asthetic: tall, lanky and colorful. It is a collector's piece. Very Manga in a way. This bag needs to be carried to be understood!

- The second collaboration is with jewellery designer Tom Binns. We are about to launch the Tarantula Susan Clutch. Pretty self-explanatory! 

Other than your boutiques in Paris and Milan, do you plan on opening any other stores? How about expansion in the Middle East? 

I have just launched and it is one year's work and all the bags I designed this past year all put on the web. I have to say I am very happy with it! We are already delivering all over the Middle East.

Describe your typical day?

7:00 am - Breakfast, which is usually coffee and almonds and banana yoghurt

8:00 am- Pilates with my trainer

9:00 am  to 9:00 pm - Work at my atelier checking production and new prototypes, meetings for future PRIVATE PREVIEW events worldwide, I have a small social media break, and more meetings

9:00 pm - I like to cook dinner for friends

12:00 midnight - Bed! 

To purchase a Corto Moltedo bag from the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, head down to the Private Preview in Dubai on Saturday Nov. 17 from 2- 8 pm 
Location: E54 - Corniche Street 1 - Emirates Hills- Dubai 

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