June 20, 2013

Up Close & Personal: Dr. Lamees Hamdan of Shiffa Beauty Products

I met with Dr. Lamees Hamdan, owner of Dubai based dermatology skincare brand SHIFFA, on the eve of launching her first ever fragrance, AYA. I found her to be a wonderful, extremely impressive woman who should be a role model to us all! Still in her 30s, Dr. Lamees has 4 children and runs a very successful company which sells award winning beauty products. She has also won countless awards such as L'oreal's Women of the Year in 2009, Best Female Business Leader and Best Health and Wellcare Business from the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Awards for Young Business Leaders. 

SHIFFA has just introduced the new fragrance AYA to the market.  It is a beautiful fresh scent that I believe many women will enjoy wearing. :)

How did you come up with the name AYA for your perfume?
This perfume is very fresh, delicate, and pure and reminded me of the clouds and the air. Aya is a verse that descends form heaven  and our catch phrase is 'Aya- Where Earth Meets Heaven'. I am trying to use earthly ingredients to create nirvana, a preciousness that alchemists in the old ages used to strive to reach in their creation of perfumes. 

What notes are in the perfume?
Ambrette Seeds, Cinnamon bark Oil from Laos, Yellow Mandarin Essence from Italy, Orange Flower, Rosa Damascena, Patchouli from Indonesia, Labdanum Resinoid from Spain, Tonka Bean from Venezuela, and 7 types of musks. All of the notes used are the original oils and pure scents, are very high quality, and I do not use any synthetic smells. 

How long did it take to produce AYA?
Four years! 

How did you design the packaging?
I worked with a team of designers who helped me create a stylized version of a cloud which points up to heaven. I also worked with a Feng Shui expert to try to make it as 'heavenly' as possible. 

Where is the perfume created?
While theperfume was created in Europe, I brought all of the ingredients back here for the perfume to be made in the U.A.E I am very proud to be able to EXPORT this perfume to the rest of the world. AYA is the first real luxury perfume fragrance to be created in the U.A.E 

Where will AYA be sold?
Selfridges London in August, and America and Japan in September. The perfume will be launched at Sephora Middle East where it will be exclusively sold in the Middle East.

'AYA: Where Earth Meets Heaven'

How did you test the perfume?
I actually tested it on a lot of men because lets face it, men don't like women who smell like cherries or grapefruit! They like sensual and powdery smells. 

Will SHIFFA be introducing more perfumes in the future?
Yes, I will be releasing a perfume at Christmas and am in the process of producing a men's perfume.

What makes SHIFFA Products different from others on the market?
The results - the very high end beauty brands on the market only have 6 active ingredients. SHIFFA products have between 19 and 26 active ingredients and are all in therapeutic concentrations. We are organic because I believe that organic products are better absorbed by the body and give better results. People who use SHIFFA generally see a difference in their skin in only 3 weeks! 

What is the target age group for your products?
Anyone can use SHIFFA products from as young as 11 years old. My own daughters who are 11 and 13 already use the cleanser and the pregnancy body oil to prevent stretch marks which happen during growth spurts. I urge ALL mothers who have teenage children to use this oil to prepare their skin for growth spurts which can happen overnight. 

What is your inspiration to start a new SHIFFA product line?
I use all of the products and only produce what I need and what I feel my clients will need. For example, I think that my clients 35 and older need a serum so I am in the process of producing one. 

SHIFFA products are sold online (Link here) and exclusively at SEPHORA in the Middle EastThey are also available at premium spas across the world. 
AYA will be available to purchase from today

Have you tried any products by SHIFFA?

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