February 28, 2013

How I'm wearing my Dee by Dalia Skirt

Dee by Dalia skirts are cute, feminine and flirty so I decided to toughen mine up a bit with ankle boots by Mulberry and a tank by Alexander McQueen. The collection is so versatile that you can wear yours any which way you like- just have fun! :)


Oh how I love frilly skirts! :)

If you missed my post about Dee by Dalia's collection, read it here (link)

Tutu Skirts from Dee By Dalia

My friend Dalia recently launched a new line of clothing called Dee by Dalia. The collection is utterly ADORABLE with frilly skirts, cute shorts and statement tops. Her slogan is 'For girls who like to be unique and who love to live and laugh' and each one of her pieces is truly a statement. Every skirt, top or pair of shorts is adorned with a cute bow, big button, lace, or studs and they are made of lush colours and materials like velvet and silk. If you like to stand out from the crowd, then this is the brand for you! 
Take a sneak peek at some items from the collection:

Dee by Dalia can currently be purchased via the brand's Facebook page (link here) and will be available at S*uce in the near future.

February 27, 2013

Fabulous Oscar Party!

The red carpet with a huge Oscar statue to greet us at the door

On Monday night, I was invited to a FABULOUS Oscars themed party. It was one of those events where the host went ALL OUT with re-creating an Oscar theme for her guests and so much thought was put into every single detail. I hadn't had that much fun in ages and decided that I had to share my experience with you all!

The Academy Awards were playing on a huge projector throughout the night and we watched snippets of speeches and performances. Adorning all the walls were picture reels of our photos against the Oscar wall and there were miniature Oscar statues all around the house. On the floor, the host re-created Hollywood Boulevard with all our names in stars. There were 30 of us so thats a lot of stars! The buffet table had a huge inflatable Oscar statue on it and in one of the corners was a Director's chair with big movie lights behind it.

We each had our picture taken in front of the Academy Awards wall

 Hollywood Boulevard was re-created with all our names in stars on the ground

The guests were divided into three teams - Screen Actors Guild, BAFTAs, and Academy Awards and we played movie-themed games throughout the night. Crazy, loud and FUN games!
  • A star with an Actor or Actress's name was stuck on our backs and we had to guess who they were, asking yes/no questions. Mine was Robbert Patterson - I'm Obsessed with him!
  • Dresses from Oscar ceremonies dated back from the 1980s were shown to us and we had to guess within a second who the celebrity was. Each team had a horn and had to buzz when they knew the answer. 30 women screaming out answers- just imagine how intense this game was!
  • Each team was given a song from Mama Mia and we had to sing and act it out. We were only given 15 minutes to create our dance and the end results were hilarious
  • The hardest game of the night was having to create dresses for two barbies using a sewing kit, scissors, a bunch of mismatched material and pins. My team won this game!
  • We had to give an Oscar speech using unrelated words like "monkey, east, skydiving, teeth"- just imagine the speeches haha
  • The night before the party, we had to send the host our guesses for the Oscar winners. The winner won a really cool film book

 One of the games we played was to make dresses for two barbies in under 20 minutes using material, scissors, a sewing kit and pins. Our barbies won (top right), woohoo!! 
I realized that it's important to know how to sew after that whole experience!
 The winning team won buckets filled with candy, popcorn, and one of the nominated movies of the year

 And the winner of the night was Joelle for guessing the winners of all the Oscar categories! 
Congrats! :)
She won a fabulous film book

That night was the MOST fun I've ever had watching the Oscars!

How did you watch the Oscars this year- anything special?

February 25, 2013

Major eyelash curl by Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

I discovered a while ago that the only mascaras that I like are the ones from Christian Dior. I have black lashes and need a mascara that is darker than my lashes to really show. I also don't like mascaras that clump easily or feel heavy on the eyes and I'm terrified of eyelash curlers - Dior makes the perfect mascaras for my needs. Each of their mascaras serve a different purpose:
  • I always put a base coat of the Diorshow MAXIMIZER to plump and protect my lashes (it's a white serum)
  • The Diorshow BLACKOUT is like kohl for the eyelashes and is unrivalled for smokey eyes. It gives the perfect shade of thick black and amazing volume
  • The Diorshow EXTASE is the one I use most for extra long, clump-free, voluminous lashes 
  • The Diorshow 360 is my least favourite because it has a rotating brush and spins on its own, to coat every single lash. I prefer to move the wand on my own
  • This season, Dior came out with the Diorshow ICONIC OVERCURL to curl lashes

The ICONIC OVERCURL might just be the PERFECT mascara! It has the exact same  feel as all the other Diowshow mascaras except that it gives UNBELIEVABLE curl! I put on one coat and my lashes were immediately upturned with the same effect as using a lash curler!  It is also extremely light on the eyes. It made such a difference that even my hubby asked me how come my eyes looked bigger haha! The secret is in the curved brush, modelled after eyelash curlers, that curls up the lashes while it coats.

The Iconic Overcurl comes in three shades: Over Black, Over Brun, and Over Blue and can be found at any Paris Gallery, Faces or Sephora in the U.A.E 

February 24, 2013

I'm feeling BLUE this week!

A predominantly BLUE window at Chanel

Everywhere I turn, I see BLUE this season! And it's not one shade- it's many shades and accents of blue. I'm loving it! Here are a few of my favourite blue pieces...

Super cute frilly dress by KAGE
(Coming soon to Boutique1.com)

(I'm OBSESSED! with this bag's shade of blue!)

February 22, 2013

Outfit Du Jour

Jumpsuit: Joseph
Jacket: Rag & Bone
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Chanel
Bracelets: Kibur
Earrings: Etro

La Duree Dowtown Beirut

You know how sometimes you enter a place and it has such positive energy that it makes you happy? I felt that way in the La Duree store in Downtown Beirut. It is a small store, with the walls covered in blue, pink and green tins and boxes. Hanging from the ceiling are antique chandeliers, and the store is made up in mahogany and rich velvet furnishings. The best part about the store are the fresh macaroons displayed in the glass cases, they are mouthwatering! In general, the vibe is so happy, relaxed and inviting, that you leave with a smile on your face. Next time you are in Beirut, I HIGHLY recommend you visit - if not for the macaroons then for the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from just being inside :)
They sold these cute boxes for the occasion of Valentine's Day 
One word: YUMM!!!

Are there any stores in particular that make you happy?

February 21, 2013

Oscar De La Renta for the OUTNET

Do you LOVE Oscar De La Renta but find it over priced and above your budget? Then I have great news! To celebrate the brand's 60th Anniversary, Mr. Oscar has teamed up with the Outnet.com (NetaPorter's outlet store) to bring us a limited edition 24 piece collection. Using patterns and fabrics from Oscar De La Renta's archives, the collection is very similar to his signature designs and consists of pieces you can wear over and over again. They aren't cheap and start from AED 1200, but unlike other collaborations, the materials used are actual materials used from previous collections. 

One of my favourite uber-Fashionista socialites, Olivia Polermo, is the face of this new collection and according to her, "Oscar de la Renta is one of the most iconic, American designers that every girl dreams of wearing. Oscar's attention to detail is simply amazing - the lines, the fabrics, the colours - he doesn't miss a thing. His collections are full of pieces to keep and cherish forever. Everyone can feel beautiful in Oscar de la Renta."(UK.lifestyle.yahoo.com) If Olivia loves this collection, then I love this collection! I trust her taste completely! :)

Take a peak at some of the the collection - the pieces are quite stunning! 

 (Source: www.dailymail.co.uk)
 (Source: www.dailymail.co.uk)

(Source: blogs.glam.com)

This is my favourite dress in the collection!

Oscar De La Renta for the Outnet will be available for purchase starting Tuesday February 26
I'll meet you at the checkout basket! :)