October 27, 2013

Outfit Ideas for IRIS at Formula 1

There is a new venue for Formula 1 this year - IRIS from Beirut has officially opened its doors and will be the coolest party destination in town! If you had a blast there last year, I can guarantee this year will be EVEN BETTER with their permanent location on Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. The venue is bigger, the music is better, and the vibe will be Fabulous. Problem is, what do you wear to such an amazing party that starts in the afternoon and ends at night?? Here are some outfit ideas with tons of tips for both the ladies AND the men! 

LOOK 1: VA VA VOOM While you keep Cool 
VALENTINO Va Va Voom Shoulder bag (Link)
(It's going to be a long day so a bag that sits on your shoulder or a cross body bag is a lot more comfy than a clutch/tote)
ASH Suede and Canvas Wedges (Link)
(Wear comfy shoes that will take you from the race, to IRIS, to the concerts, to the afterparties)

SASS & BIDE Crepe Jumpsuit (Link)
(This is light and will keep you cool all day)
ASOS Grecian crown Headband (Link)
(The trick to this look is in the accessories - the more decadent, the more formal you will look)
GORJANA Python Cuff (Link)
REED KRAKOFF Mini Raffia Shoulder bag (Link)
JIMMY CHOO Wedge Sandals (Link)

GUCCI Cotton Polo Tshirt (Link)
(I love the collar on this polo)
LANVIN Slimfit Cotton Trousers (Link)
MINSAI Leather & Meral Anchor Bracelet (Link)
MULBERRY Woven Leather Belt (Link)
(Woven belts are ALOT less formal than rigid leather ones, and are great for casual looks)
ZARA Straw hat (Link)
Y3 trainers (Link)
(The trick to wearing trainers yet not looking too informal is to make sure that the heel is not white. White men's sneakers belong in the gym, not at a lounge)

What will YOU be wearing to IRIS at F1 this Year??

October 23, 2013

Be Stylish this Halloween

Yin & Yang

I remember a Halloween party when I was about 12 years old... my sister helped my best friend and I become Yin and Yang. We dressed up in black and white and she painted half our faces white and the other half black. (In our defense, it was the early 90s!). By the end of the night, my best friend STILL looked stunning yet the paint on my face became lumpy. Somehow the two colors mixed from one side of my face to the other and I ended up looking like a horror show! I am still traumatized till this day and hate dressing up for Halloween!

This year, I was very happy to discover that designers have added Halloween motifs to stylish fashion items. People like me can look stylish and enjoy the holiday, without having to transform our entire look into something we are not! Yay :)  

Here are a few of my favourite Halloween Inspired Fashion Items 

Hope you have a stylish Halloween! :)

October 22, 2013

Competition Alert: I'm giving away Giorgio Armani SI perfume bottles!

I am giving away 5 bottles of Giorgio Armani's new perfume SI! It is a lovely scent with notes of cassis nectar, modern chypre, and light musky wood. I find it very light and sweet and the perfect scent to wear everyday.

How to WIN
SI means YES in Italian. All you have to do is tell me what you say SI to! It can be absolutely anything. (For example: Love, life, myself, shopping, fashion, vacation, travel, etc)

1) 'LIKE' MySmallObsessions on FaceBook & Instagram

2) Tell me your SI in the comments section below, on FB, or Instagram

3) Tag @mysmallobsessions #GiorgioArmani #SIto(your si)
e.g.  Si to Fashion would be:
Si to Fashion @mysmallobsessions #giorgioarmani #SItoFashion 

4) Provide your email address with your answer so I can contact the winners :)

Winners will be chosen completely at Random


October 21, 2013

Galeries LaFayette Fashion Lives Event

How cool is this?? To celebrate the launch of their new Autumn/Winter Collection, Galeries LaFayette threw an event called FASHION LIVES.  Dramatic looking mannequins came to life and led theatrical performances throughout the store for three days. They wore clothes from brands currently sold in store like: Versace, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Poca & Poca, and Yves Salomon. I especially love how creative the fashion shows are...

Can't wait to shop this new collection in store now!

Galeries LaFayette is located at the Dubai Mall

October 20, 2013

My Wardrobe.com is on SALE!

Now that your EID vacation is over, you might be a little bummed out to get back to routine. I have a treat today to keep you happy! It's going to start getting cooler out soon so why not buy new items for your wardrobe while they are on sale?? Mywardrobe.com is having their Mid-season sale and they are offering 20% off on a lot of great items! Make sure you log on before the sale ends...

Here are a few of my favourite SALE picks:

Perfect fitting skinny jeans. On Sale. What's not to love?

I would pair this with a simple tee, a pair of jeans, and a great pair of pumps
 for simple evening glamour

I am simply OBSESSED with this art-deco cuff! 

The pouf at the bottom of this skirt gives it a nice edge to a simple black skirt

I love the feminine cuteness of this dress-
 It is guaranteed to make you feel like a grown up princess!

This A-Z Book of Fashion Designers would make a great gift for ANY fashionista :)

These sparkly beauties will make every single outfit POP!

Happy Shopping Ladies :)

October 14, 2013


EID is just around the corner and lucky for us in the Middle East, we get a super long week off! Here are a few outfit inspirations to help you decide what to wear for all those family events and fun nights out. None of them is traditional but they are stylish, without being TOO over the top! Enjoy :)

If you want to make a statement this Eid, THIS is the dress for you! It is sequined and a WOW piece on its own, so any accessories need to be complimentary and not clashing. I chose them all in the same colour scheme as the dress, black & gold.

I think this outfit would be perfect for visiting family and friends during the day or for a lunch out. It is comfortable to wear during the day, and its big floral print is bang on trend.

Wear this outfit when you just want to let your hair down and enjoy the really long weekend with friends :)

Hope you have a Fabulous & Fashionable EID :)

October 12, 2013

Buy/Sell your clothes on Garderobe.ae

We women always want the NEWEST, the BEST, and the most TRENDING items! We end up with closets FILLED with clothes that mostly go out of style, shoes we forget we even own, and bags that are 'OMG, SO last year!'. Then while trying to look for something to wear, somehow we can't find anything! Sound familiar??

I was very happy to discover Garderobe.ae (Link) - a store in Dubai where shoppers can find TREASURES at a fraction of the price, and where sellers can sell their lightly used items.  The place is a real GEM - you can find Chanel bags at half their original price and Lanvin fur stoles at like 70% off. Best of all, you can make money from all that stuff sitting in your closet collecting dust! 

Here are a few of the items I liked on the site:

Original Price: AED 3,000
Garderobe Price: AED 806

Original Price: AED 9,982
Garderobe Price: AED 2,000

CHANEL Leather Bag (Link)
Original Price: AED 9,000
Garderobe Price: AED 4,000 

Original Price: AED 11,600
Garderobe Price: AED 8,000 

Original Price: AED 91,745
Garderobe Price: AED 4,525 

October 10, 2013

Competition Alert: Giorgio Armani SI for 5 lucky readers!

Just in time for Eid, I have a VERY exciting competition for you guys! I am giving away bottles of Giorgio Armani SI to FIVE lucky readers  :)

About the Perfume
The SI woman is free and knows how to make her vision of the world known. She represents the calm strength of femininity, and the courage to say SI! (yes in Italian) enthusiastically.

The fragrance is chic, sultry, soft and intense at the same time. With notes of cassis nectar, modern chypre, and light musky wood I found it light and sweet. Packaged in a no-fuss, truly elegant bottle that is symbolic of Giorgio Armani's collections, this perfume is fast becoming one of my new OBSESSIONS!

"Sì is my tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit." Giorgio Armani

Kate Blanchette stars in the video for Si - it is so moving and powerful! 
Makes a woman believe that she can say SI to absolutely anything she desires :)

My 'SI' 

SI to Merry Go Rounds & Childhood Dreams

1) 'LIKE' MySmallObsessions on FaceBook & Instagram

2) Tell me your SI in the comments section below, on FB, or Instagram (Si to love, freedom, myself, seduction, etc)

3) Tag @mysmallobsessions #GiorgioArmani #SIto(your si)
e.g. mine would be: 
Si to Merry Go Rounds & Childhood dreams @mysmallobsessions #giorgioarmani #SItochildhooddreams 

4) Provide your email address with your answer so I can contact the winners :)

Winners will be chosen completely at Random

October 8, 2013

Tulip Festival at Marc by Marc Jacobs

Last week I attended the Tulip Festival at Marc by Marc Jacobs at Abu Dhabi Mall. The event showcased the new Fall Winter collection which is covered in colourful Tulips. It was a lot of fun with a caricaturist who drew our faces on a Marc Jacobs Tulip Dress, a tulip planting station, a photo booth with props, and yummy catering. 

 I planted my own tulip at the Tulip Planting station - lets hope it grows! 

 I loved how the collection was covered in colourful tulips - everything was fun and very wearable. The tops, dresses, sweaters, and pants can very easily be incorporated into your daily wardrobe.
Exactly what you'd expect of Marc by Marc Jacobs!

 The main piece in the collection - a purple silk coat covered in tulips 

Even the yummy chocolate truffles we took home had tulips drawn on them! 

October 7, 2013

Think PINK this Fall

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and very fittingly this season, PINK is one of the major trends. It's a nice change from all the punk, fur and tartan trends which are quite bold and loud. Pink is softer and more feminine. 

Diane Kruger in Pink
Notice how she accessorized with bold blue shoes 
(Source: HarpersBazaar.com)

To PERFECT the trend this season,  keep your look from being too girly by choosing more refined pieces (less frills, more structure), and add BIG statement jewellery. Or simply wear pink shoes or bags to an otherwise more bold look to make it more feminine. 

Here are a few of my favourite PINK items: 

Which Item is your favourite?

October 3, 2013

Snapshots of Venice

All my life I have dreamed of going to Venice - I was always fascinated by the idea of a city built over water. Last month, I finally had the chance to go and OMG it is SOOOO worth it! Imagine a city with absolutely NO cars - just boats and lots of bridges to cross over the canals.  It feels like you jumped back in time to a city filled with romance and history (and ALOT of tourists!). Here are a few snapshots of my trip....

 The buildings are literally built ON water canals - you either cross from side to the other on the small bridges or take a boat if the distances are longer 

 Over time the inhabitants covered some canals with bricks to make narrow passageways

One of the highlights of my trip was riding in a gondola 

 Everywhere you look there are super fun & colourful masks being sold. 
They wear them at the Venice Carnival every year 

 This store sells leather items made in the SAME factory as HERMES... I found bracelets with the exact same leather as HERMES ones but without the logo & at a fraction of the price! 

 San Marco Square by night - it is simply breathtaking! One side is 700 years old, the other is 300 years old. At night, all the coffee shops have live orchestras playing beautiful music. Tourists either sit in the coffee shops or dance in the square outside of each shop. Really beautiful :) 

Have you ever been to Venice?