June 24, 2013

How to wear Floral Headbands

Celebrities in their floral headbands
Clockwise from top left: Kirsten Dunst, Lana Del Rey, Alex Chung, Keira Knightley 

I'm currently OBSESSING over floral headbands. They have been worn by every single celebrity on the planet and are the accessory of choice for summer vacations and music festivals. This season, the trend is to wear your floral headband like an actual headband on top of your head and not as a halo like a bridesmaid. They are available in all sizes and it's up to you to choose how big you want to go. Nothing screams Boho-chic quite like these headbands.

How to wear floral headbands:  Expect to look a little 'cuter' than you usually do as they are fun and playful. Complete the look with a flowy dress or top. Don't wear anything too rigid. I think they look best with hair parted in the middle and pushed back away from the hairline. Let some hair show between the headband and your face (like all of the celebrities in the above picture.

If you want to make a statement on your holidays this summer, this is THE trend to be sporting! Just choose your favourite flower and colour and you're set :)

Here are a few floral headbands I Love

A selection at S*uce Boutique in the U.A.E

You can even wear it slightly to the side like this one and not necessarily in the center of your head

These are only $4.80 (AED 18) -
 Buy them in all three colours to match with all your clothes this season!

This floral head wrap is smaller and more subtle than the others and is less 'Look at Me' than the others. Wear it like a headband and not as shown in the pic

Will you be wearing a floral headband this summer??

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