August 28, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier for Coca Cola

Each year, Coca Cola collaborates with a design house to create special Diet Coke cans and bottles. This summer its Jean Paul Gaultier and they are SUPER CUTE! I am definitely adding them to my collection (I already have ones by Karl Lagerfeld). It just makes it so much more fun to drink Diet Coke! :) 

The 'Night' can on the left has the print of lace and fishnet stockings, the 'Day' can on the right has the typical blue  JPG stripes

Weekly Fashion Cravings Aug 27- Sep 3

This week I'm craving all things metallic and sparkly. They have a special quality to them that just seems to draw me in... Every time i see a woman wearing anything metallic in the street, I automatically turn to check out her outfit. Hope you enjoy my top ten picks this week.   Happy Shopping!

For anyone who travelled to Mykonos or Turkey this summer and regrets not buying an evil eye or hand cuff (aka me!), this is the perfect bracelet to satisfy your cravings! I'm BEYOND obsessed!
$165 from Odette New York  

August 26, 2012

Carpe Diem

I've been feeling a bit down lately because its almost the end of my summer vacation :( From the sunny skies and beautiful breezy weather of the South of France to the icky, hazy and boring sauna that is Abu Dhabi. But today, I looked outside and decided to really SEIZE THE DAY. I sat by the pool, soaked up some sunshine and read 100 pages of the book Eclipse from the Twlight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. I created a playlist in Youtube and managed to completely turn my mood around (and no shopping was involved)!

These were my surroundings- clear blue skies, deep blue sea in the horizon and a beautiful breeze (its not hard to see why I immediately relaxed!)

August 23, 2012

Outfit Du Jour

I decided when I first started this blog that I wouldn't post pictures of my outfits every single day but only on the days where I feel like I look good and when I've put an effort into my outfit choice. Tonight happens to be one of those days :)

Tonight Im wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress. I accessorized it with a yellow Valentino bag, Chanel shoes and Gas earrings

I adore the buttons and the print on this dress

Frederick Fekkai for Sun Parched Hair

Today I thought I'd lay off the strictly fashion posts and introduce you to a hair product brand I SWEAR by. Ever since I discovered Frederick Fekkai hair products three years ago, I haven't looked back. The brand sells ranges for every possible hair remedy you require:  glossing, color care, volume, curls, protein for dry hair, shea butter for advanced moisture, products to keep it straight and reduce fly-aways and my personal favourite- summer hair products.

In the summer, we literally kill our hair with chlorine, salty sea water, excessive daily washing and strong sun which leave our tresses brittle, dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Frederick Fekkai's Summer Hair Essentials range includes "exclusive Oceanic Cooling Complex technology that cools and revitalizes sun parched hair." They ACTUALLY work and all smell like coconut so you always feel like you are on a tropical island. Your hair will thank me after you use these products! :)

August 22, 2012

Weekly Fashion Cravings August 20- 27

This week, I had a little difficulty choosing items that I liked because seeing as its still only mid August and very hot outside, I wanted to pick items that I could not only order now but also wear now. Most items being sold online are made of wool or heavy leather and can't be worn for a while. Hope you enjoy my top ten picks this week - Happy Shopping! :)

These Miu Miu crepe shorts are super cute!
£441.87 on Net-A-Porter

August 19, 2012

Neon Satchels EVERYWHERE!

So first my sister arrives from Canada with a yellow neon satchel hanging at her side which I fell in love with. Then I travelled to Mykonos and every other girl was carrying one in every color imaginable, depending on her outfit. Now, I'm in France and they are EVERYWHERE!!! How did I miss out on this trend that is taking the world over by storm? It seems the satchel was the unofficial IT bag of the summer season. Luckily for those of us who missed out, it also seems the IT bag for the next fall season to come...

August 13, 2012

Fashion at the Olympics Closing Ceremony

The Olympics Closing Ceremony last night was one of the best spectacles I have ever seen with an all star cast of singers, athletes, incredible lighting, a fabulously designed union jack stage and of course, supermodels and fashion.

Nine of Britain's most famous models arrived inside of moving billboards shot by Nick Knight that were torn down to reveal the models themselves. They then walked the Union Jack designed catwalk and met in the middle. They were followed by foot soldiers dressed in black who formed the symbolic skull that the brand Alexander McQueen is best known for.

Photograph by Alastair Grant/AP at

Weekly Fashion Cravings

Im not ashamed to admit that I'M OBSESSED with shopping and especially browsing the internet for new pieces that I like or want to add to my wardrobe. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than new purchases in shopping bags, netaporter and mywardrobe packages arriving to my doorstep, and discovering items NOT sold in the UAE market (which lets face it, there are tons!).
Each week, I'm going to dedicate a post showcasing ten of my favourite picks  from various websites - hopefully you'll like some of them as well!
Happy Shopping! :)

Fashion Cravings August 13 - 21

This is one of my favourite times of the year! The new pre-fall and fall/ winter collections are slowing flooding the online shopping websites so we can preview and buy all the new fabulous items for the upcoming season. 
After scouring my preferred websites, here are my top ten picks this week. Happy Shopping! 

Im obsessed! with these Nicholas Kirkwood boots for Erdem.  I would wear them with a plain black dress or jeans and a simple top so they really stand out
£ 822. 50 on Net-A-Porter

August 9, 2012

Rachel Zoe's Jewellery for Neiman marcus

I am IN LOVE with all of Rachel Zoe's jewellery line that she designed for Neiman Marcus- its all big gold pieces that scream attention and just want to get noticed! I'm obsessed!!!

Below are my favourite picks... You can buy all these items from the Neiman Marcus Website HERE

I especially love this Long Tassle Necklace, $650

August 5, 2012


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