November 25, 2012

Up Close & Personal: Gazl of PEARLESQUE BOUTIQUE

Vintage, Vintage... it is all about VINTAGE these days! Why are we more interested in buying pieces that are old rather than buying the new? Why are we willing to spend as much on an old vintage designer item as we are on a new one? What is Vintage's appeal?? 

I sat down with Gazl Al Zalek, the owner of Pearlesque, a cute online boutique based out of Abu-Dhabi that sells beautiful vintage jewellery, to explain it all to me...

Tell me about Pearlesque?

I've always been a vintage piece collector and a fashion lover. I founded Pearlesque in July 2012 and it is an online boutique with the finest vintage items that were sourced from around the globe. It is inspired by the 1950s, 60s and 70s and most items are one of a kind- otherwise only 3 or 4 exist in the world. I sell privately purchased items or collectible vintage items and some of the pieces were family heirlooms, celebrity collection items or prized possessions. 

I also offer daily fashion updates where I aim to inspire women to style themselves with exceptional vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories.

First of all- What is Vintage? How old must a piece be? 

Vintage is anything from the 1920's to the 1970's. 

Why do you only sell Vintage items?

I have always had what I would like to call a FASHION MANIA keeping up with all the fashion updates. I thought, why not bring back those days when ladies truly looked like they came out of a magazine cover? Why not bring back the essence of fashion, the origins of it all?! Starting from that idea and with my passion for fashion, I decided to track down the most stylish vintage items.

'For me, Vintage is not just old but rather a WHOLE STORY- a story that never dies. Each Vintage piece has a story and every woman should have a story in her closet.'

Do you sell anything other than Vintage items?

Yes, I also sell an impressive collection of rare pieces including jewellery designed or signed by Elizabeth Taylor. 

Where do you source your items? Is it difficult to find real vintage pieces? 

Everywhere - our latest Winter collection pieces were sourced from Munich, Salzburg, Venice and Paris. I also buy them online through auctions or websites based in the U.S and London. 

It is sometimes very difficult to purchase Vintage, as there are many aspects that you need to consider such as the date, condition and signature on the item. Also, each piece is from a different location.  

How do you pick your products? 

I look for the most unique, attractive pieces that are mostly signed or stamped. I also look for pieces that would look great on their own, without the need to be paired with any other jewellery.

Who is your target customer? Where do they live? 

My customers are my success. I target fashionistas with exclusive taste who love fashion and the whole Marilyn Monroe look of pearls and glamour. The live in the UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and London. 

Do you plan on expanding your Facebook Page to an online store? 

I am currently considering expanding Pearlesque to sell Vintage and modern pieces as well. For now, customers can order online directly through the page and cash is upon delivery. Soon my customers can purchase items directly online and pay by credit card or PayPal. I deliver worldwide. 

Which pieces sell best? 

Vintage Chanel sells best. Also, big and chunky earrings that stand out or pieces with pearls. 

How often do you update your collection? 

So far I have released 3 successful collections. Every two months I release a collection ranging from 15 to 30 unique pieces. I also randomly post a few pieces on the Facebook Page to continuously provide my customers with new choice. 

Other than your Facebook Page, where can my readers purchase your products? 

At Maison Sez Boutique in Abu Dhabi and soon in other boutiques. In addition, I have special events such as market days, grand openings and exhibitions. These are usually announced on the Facebook Page so stay tuned! 

If you are searching for a unique present for a fashionista this Christmas, check out Pearlesque's collection. There are many great pieces to choose from and you might find the PERFECT gift :) 


  1. Hi, if you use our photos of Chanel earrings and necklace, please put the link to our site. Thanks.

    1. Hello Vintage Five,
      These are not Chanel earrings or a necklace from your site. They are sold at the Pearlesque boutique in Abu Dhabi and these are her pictures. Thank you.


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