November 12, 2012

Fabulous Hair Brush

Last week, I accidentally stumbled upon one of the greatest hair products I have EVER used - The TRESemme Ceramic Paddle Brush.

I find buying a hair brush one of the hardest things to buy:
1) The really good ones are not widely available in the supermarkets and drugstores in the U.A.E so I usually buy them when I travel
2) Stores always put a cardboard cover over the brush so you can't try it till you get home
3) What exactly is the difference between ceramic, natural bristle, boar brush etc? Why is no-one ever around to explain which brush is suitable for your hair type?!!!!

I was in Boots and randomly picked up a brush that said "Anti-frizz" on it. I SERIOUSLY LUCKED OUT!  The Ceramic Paddle Brush brushes through my tangles so painlessly and so quickly that my long hair can be completely brushed in less than ten seconds. Also, the ceramic part of it speeds up blow drying time. Finally, I have curly hair and the plastic ionic bristles leave my hair less frizzy with fewer fly-aways. I mean whats not to love?! 

I'm OBSESSED! and recommend you try this brush for yourself if you have longer, curly or frizzy hair. You will love me! 

Do you have a hair brush that you absolutely love and will never part with? 


  1. I Have no hair at all :p
    My brothers hair is longer than me, so i guess hope, I never use hair brush :p unless i use it for a head massage :p

    I am your new follower here :D
    I like your blog


    1. Thanks Loly for liking my blog and reading it- I appreciate it :) The brush was intended for my female readers with long hair :P


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