November 7, 2015

Sally's Cakes

Last week I visited the La Lupe Halloween market in Abu Dhabi and discovered an absolute ARTIST cake maker than everyone must know about! So first perhaps a little background about what happened to me. I was invited to a Halloween party in the evening and had been planning all week to bake cupcakes to take to the host. I bought icing, boxes of cupcake mix, plates to serve the cupcakes, amazing cake holders with flying bats and pumpkins to put each one in and super cool toppings. The works! Then a few hours before the party, I managed to burn the cupcakes with no time to make new ones!!! :(

Luckily, the first stand I saw when I walked into the market was Sally Cake Away. She was selling the most incredible Halloween cakes I had ever seen and showed me photos of other stuff that she had made in the past. Ladies, THIS is the lady to order your next speciality cake from. Not only are they beautifully crafted, they are absolutely delicious! 

Here are a few of Sally's favourite cakes 

Sally's cakes can be made with a wide range of fillings like butterscotch and silky chocolate ganache. (Seriously, YUM!)
 All cakes are made to order so you can be as creative as you like in your requests! 
Please visit her Facebook page HERE or contact 0501428377 

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