September 29, 2015

Children's Stationary

One major addition to my life since my son has arrived are the endless Birthday Parties that we now attend! It seems that every weekend there is at least one child who has a birthday. This means constantly shopping for kids gifts, wrapping paper and gift cards. 

For my son's one year birthday earlier this year, a few of the gifts that we received had personalized gift cards. I found them such a cute idea to help  those gifts stand out from the rest. 

I decided to make sets of cards for my son and discovered a website in the U.S. called MINTED.   They have over 300 super cute designs to choose from and are printed on beautiful quality paper.  

Here are a few of my favourite picks 

The above cards are by MINTED.COM 
All of the designs can be personalized, come in different colour options, have matching envelopes & are printed on extra thick cotton card stock 

Would you make a set for your kids?

September 27, 2015

Mommy Support Groups

Last week, I saw an old friend at the supermarket. She was pushing around a beautiful, cheerful 7 month old baby boy in his stroller and looked the picture of a put - together, happy mom. The first thing she told me however was, "It's SO hard! - I'm so tired!!". And I said, "I know- and the problem is that even if you rest tonight it's the same thing tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that!" 

Being a parent is not only a full time job. It's a never ending, all-consuming job that goes on day after day. There is no OFF button. You can never quit! While it has its perks, it is the most difficult thing that you will ever do! It isn't the picture that is painted for us in movies and by celebrities that bounce back with stunning figures and big smiles merely weeks after giving birth. 

In my experience, what helps me through the difficult times are Mommy Support Groups made of regular, everyday moms who are going through all the same things that I go through. They make me feel not so alone and hopeless. Especially during that first year where you really have NO CLUE. 

Poop, Sleep & Tears is a group of moms on Facebook made up of pregnant women, new moms and veteran moms. It gives an insight into the actual reality of what things look like from the inside.

The Group's name is genius in my opinion! It explains the first year of having a baby in a nutshell. Lots of poop, no sleep and tons of tears - both by the baby AND the parents! The group is made up of real moms who struggle with the everyday problems of having kids. It is mainly a board where they can post their questions and concerns and I am super impressed by the responses that they get. Everyone wants to share their valuable experience and knowledge. 

Here you can find helpful answers to topics like where to find a baby sitter, what to feed your babies and toddlers who refuse to eat, what kinds of bottles are the best, etc. 

Are there any online Mommy Support Groups that you love??

September 23, 2015


I would like to wish you and your families EID MUBARAK!!! 

I hope you get to spend it with your families and loved ones :)

September 20, 2015

Karl Lagerfeld Kids


Obsession Alert!!! 

For all you Karl Lagerfeld fans, I have great news for you! Karl Lagerfeld is expanding his line to include Children's  wear starting Spring/Summer 2016. It will include ready-to- wear clothing and accessories for girls and boys, newborns through 16 years.

As is expected of a collection made by Mr. Lagerfeld, don't expect cookie-cutter children's clothing! The rock and roll line will include leather jackets, gloves and ties - mostly in his signature black. As well as a Choupette headband, named after his pet cat.

The children's commerce site will be the first to stock this collection, with selected pieces to be available in December. Department stores around the world will follow suit come January.

Get ready for our kids to become more fashion forward than we are! 

September 16, 2015

Barbie by Sophia Webster

Remember when we used to play with our Barbies, dress them up, style their hair and pretend we were dating hunky Ken? They belonged in a pretend world that brought smiles to our faces and endless imagination. Did you ever wish you WERE Barbie? Well this season, Sophia Webster has brought us a collection that will put us in Barbie's shoes. Literally!

I never realized that until now Barbie ONLY ever wore heels or wedges! Talk about high maintenance. Her creator Mattel has decided that this Fall Barbie will finally join our more laid back generation and own a pair of flats. They called on Sophia Webster for a capsule collection comprised of 9 styles : 6 for us women and 3 for mini me little girls. Isn't that cute?! 

Check out the very pink and oh so girly collection: 

Go ahead, embrace the young girl in you who used to love Barbies, and don't forget to buy a mini version for your precious little girl :)

Barbie by Sophia Webster is sold at Sophia,, and at the Level Shoe District at Dubai Mall 

September 14, 2015

Back to School Backpacks

As a kid, the most EXCITING part about going back to school was buying a new backpack. We would usually be on summer vacation somewhere in Europe and my mom would take us shopping to choose our bags, pencil cases, books, and lunch boxes. It made starting a new year all that more fun! I couldn't wait to show all my friends my bag and accessories on the first day of school. 

While I know that this post is slightly late seeing that your children have mostly already started school - here are some of my favourite backpacks for the moms who don't love the choices that they made :)

I hope your kids are not crying TOO much in their first weeks at school and are enjoying themselves!

I love anything personalized!
These Spatz bags have dual zippers, two compartments & a bottle holder

I'm obsessed with this brand - SKIP HOP
These bags are perfect for pre-schoolers and each design
 has the matching everything (cups, bottles, forks, knives, etc)
(Mothercare stocks a nice selection)

The Forget Me Not bag from Skip Hop
Say goodbye to forgotten lunch boxes!
It has a see-through compartment at the top so your child can see 
if his/her matching lunchbox is inside- Brilliant :)

These Green Sprouts backpacks are super cute for pre-schoolers
My son has the alligator one and we use it for his toys and snacks
(You can find them at the Nest store at Abu Dhabi mall)

This Paul Smith Junior nylon bag will have all of your 
little man's friends asking where its from!
It's Super unique and Super cool

Happy Shopping!! 


September 12, 2015

I'm BACK!!!

I'm BACK!! After a crazy year of no sleep, exhaustion, a body that simply refuses to bounce back and a lovely baby boy, I have decided to start blogging again. I have missed interacting with all of you, sharing my thoughts, and receiving your comments! Thank you to everyone who stayed in touch and encouraged me to start filling the pages of My Small Obsessions once again.

I have contemplated coming back for a long while now. I have wondered over and over how I could write about the same subjects I once did, when I don't have the time to go to fashion events (that are mostly at my son's bedtime) or research topics late at night when he still wakes up every single night demanding my attention. Until I had a eureka moment... we as human beings mature, evolve over time and change our obsessions. So it is only fitting that my blog will 'grow up' to include new topics like babies, children and toddlers as well as home decor since I am currently moving to a new house.

I hope you will all love my new take on things and the 'grown up' My Small Obsessions

I look forward to reading your comments!!