January 7, 2013

YUMMY fruit peelers

While searching for something sweet but healthy after lunch yesterday, I discovered a SUPER SNACK! Incredibly yummy Fruit Peelers. Made from pure fruit with no added sugars, additives, artificial flavourings or gluten, they are ONLY 68 calories and contain barely any fat (0.2 grams per peeler). They are fun to eat as you peel off strips from the main stem and most importantly they are DELICIOUS! I felt like I was eating real blackcurrant :)

They are available in Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Orange and come three peelers in a pack. Perfect for a pick-me-up snack or your child's lunchbox.

I found these Peelers at Scuzi convenient store at DIFC, but they are also sold at Al Maya Supermarket, Geant, WHSmith and Circle K convenience stores in Dubai . They will be sold in Abu Dhabi soon. 
I can't WAIT!

What other healthy snacks do you eat when you're hungry? 

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