January 8, 2013

BEHIND THE SCENES at MyWardrobe.com

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the big online retail companies? Do you ever think about their location or how the clothes you buy are displayed? When we visit brick and mortar stores, each brand usually has its own distinct store layout, decor and setting that makes us recognize it in any country around the world. Online retail websites sell many brands and have no stores to visit - just websites! 

When I was in London in October, I was lucky enough to visit the showrooms and offices of Mywardrobe.com - what an eye opening experience! I expected to go to a large, unexciting warehouse but instead, their offices are located in short, cute red brick buildings in the midst of high rises in Camden. The interiors are all white and clean just like the layout of the website and the staff are dressed super funky!

The BEST part of my visit was the sample room filled with every single item that you find on their website in a size ten (my size!). The displays were so inviting and things that didn't attract me on the site, looked fabulous in reality! Even though I regularly shop online , I get a bigger thrill seeing the clothes, feeling their fabrics, and trying them on to see how they fit. I had a field day trying on things and snapping as many pics as I could without looking like a tourist :)

They have won many awards and have them on display at the reception

Carrying a red envelope AILA clutch 

Outside of the sample room is another one with racks and racks filled with new season clothes that need to be photographed. New items are introduced on Mywardrobe twice a week and this is where they are sorted. This room was even more fun than the last as I got a sneak preview of items that no-one else had seen before! I was like a kid in a candy store haha!

New season neon yellow PREEN DRESS- the color is amazing! (find it here)

Absolutely OBSESSED! with this Heidi Klein raffia hat! (Find it here)

Sophie Hulme leather tote (find it in blue here)

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak! Make sure you visit www.mywardrobe.com to view their new season collections- there are some really beautiful items :)

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