January 29, 2013

Getting Organized!

I am a very organized person- I like things categorized and in their specified place. Shoes go in the shoe cupboard, handbags go in the bag cupboard, towels in the towel cupboard and my many toiletries also have their own cupboard! Batteries go in one drawer, bulbs in another etc. You get the gist - I can be quite obsessive about it! 

My towels are organized in coloured wicker baskets from ZARA HOME according to their function: 
bath for me, bath for my hubby, floor mats, guests, gym, kitchen, and makeup 

Items in my office are organized in these IKEA baskets. 
One for me, one for my hubby and one for Miscellaneous

Lately though, I've been getting extremely frustrated when it comes to choosing my accessories. I usually save the small dust bags that jewellery come in and if they are more expensive items, I like to save the boxes. Jewellery is my absolute favourite accessory to buy so you can only imagine how many boxes and bags I have collected over the years! Somehow, they all suddenly piled up and I can't differentiate new items from old ones or find any of my favourites. I end up wearing the same pieces over and over.

Today I went to DAISO at Al Wahda Mall, a Japanese discount store that sells everything under the sun! There I found really cute coloured baskets that I felt would be perfect to organize my jewellery and  that I needed to share with you guys! 

The multi-function baskets are ADORABLE and are available in many colours and sizes:  
white, pink, fuchsia, purple, beige, black, and dark blue

I categorized the baskets by necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and rings and hung the very delicate chains on a stand so they don't tangle. 
The baskets were each arranged in 3 columns so that I could find things more easily

The best part about this whole exercise was finding things I completely forgot about that I used to love! I feel SO much better now that my jewellery is organized and I look forward to picking out accessories for my next outfits!

How do you like to organize your things? 

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