January 5, 2013

New Year- New Planner!

Call me old fashioned but I still like to use book planners instead of the calendars on Blackberries, Iphones, Ipads or any other technology devices. There is something about opening a book, seeing my schedule and crossing out the things I have accomplished that makes me feel like I've had a productive day. Another great thing about agendas is being able to look back at dates in the past to see my appointments, notes, doodles, and contacts. I only really use my Blackberry calendar to beep and remind me of appointments 15 or 30 minutes away.

The New Year calls for a fresh start and a new planner. Why not choose a pretty one? There are all kinds to choose from- big ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones, exotic skin covered ones, branded ones etc. Each time you pull it out of your handbag, make it one you'll be excited to show off :)

Here are a few of my favourites
(Click on the names under the planners to be directed to their websites)

1. SMYTHSON OF BOND STREET makes my favourite planners but they tend to be more expensive than most. They come in exotic skins and are real show stoppers. Great news: the website is currently on sale! Make them even more special by personalizing them. 

2. ASPINAL OF LONDON has very similar diaries to SMYTHSON at a fraction of the price. They can also be personalized

3. PAPERCHASE makes significantly cheaper yet super funky and fun agendas. 
You can find branches in most malls in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

4. All the big brand names have very chic selections. Here are a few I liked:

Left to right: Gucci,  Louis Vuitton, Coach

5. If you prefer notebooks to jot down notes, rather than fill in a planner- here are some really cute choices:

Do you still use planners or prefer the calendar on your smart phone?

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