January 13, 2013

Coconut Oil- the SUPER product!

While I was in the Seychelles last November (to read more about my trip, click here) I bought a bottle of pure coconut oil. I had read somewhere that it holds great health benefits and more importantly, that the Victoria Secret Angels all swear by it! The oil I bought was bottled at the source and isn't a commercial brand so there were absolutely NO directions on the bottle. It has been sitting in my  beauty closet until now!

Make sure you read the labels!
This bottle says 'Pure Coconut' but turned out to be mostly alcohols 

Last week while browsing in the drugstore Boots, I bought a hair mask that said PURE COCONUT. I checked the ingredients at the back and guess what? The first ingredient is water, the next FIVE are alcohols, then coconut oil then like ten other weird ingredients. There was nothing PURE about this coconut product!! I took out the bottle made of the real stuff that I bought in the Seychelles and researched online how to use it. Turns out, coconut oil is acually incredible for your hair, skin, reducing cholesterol and stress, raising metabolism and a whole lot of other things.

Before I explain how it can be used, what is very interesting to note is that coconut oil is actually not oily in the bottle and doesn't pour out. It solidifies at room temperature and resembles white wax. Rub it between your palms or place the bottle in a glass bowl of hot water for about ten minutes until it is warm. It will become oil. 

Unlike other hair products which only sit on the hair, coconut oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft to repair it from the inside out. Remember, a small amount goes a long way- start with a little and add more as you need it.
  1. Apply it to your scalp (too much will make your hair greasy) to re-grow your hair
  2. Rub a small amount on your ends to hydrate and tame frizz
  3. Add it to your shampoo to condition your hair 
  4. Add it all over your hair as a leave-in conditioner for shiny and healthy hair (I've been doing this for a week now and my hair is shinier and smells heavenly!)
  5. Massage it into your scalp to remove dandruff

Most moisturizers contain water to make you feel as if your skin is being moisturized. After the water dries, your skin is left dry again.
  1. Swap if for your normal moisturizer and apply it to your face. Put a small amount on your palm, rub it until it becomes oily and then apply. It penetrates deep into your skin cells leaving them moisturized. It also helps to remove dead and flaky skin cells off the skin surface
  2. Use it as a body moisturizer after the beach for that irresistible coconut-y smell 
There are a million other benefits to coconut oil - for example it can be used in food to reduce cholesterol levels. Meranda Kerr even uses it in her salads! Click here for more ideas on how to use it in your food 

The most important advice I can give is to buy ORGANIC, EXTRA VIRGIN coconut oil to really reap all its health benefits. You can find it in any organic supermarket or on Amazon.com. The stronger the coconut scent, the better the stuff inside the bottle!

Have you ever tried organic coconut oil?

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