January 9, 2013

Get the Look for MUCH less!

I've given up on the weather in the U.A.E- its getting HOTTER instead of colder and I couldn't buy any of the great sweaters and dresses on sale because we barely had a winter this year :( There are also a few dresses I bought this summer from France from the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection that I never wore yet, thanks to the lack of cold! I guess we need to embrace the Spring/Summer 2013 collections early this year...

I was browsing in the mall and noticed that monochrome (black &white) stripes are really IN for the new season. What makes them different from any other season is that the stripes are wide and each section of the clothing items have a different stripe pattern. Here are a few GREAT looks which will get you ready for Spring in no time!

Click on the names of the dresses under the pics to be directed to their websites where they can be better viewed: 

Material: cotton
AED 13,000

Material: Polyester
AED 1,900 

Material: Jersey
AED 110

Enjoy wearing your stripes!! :)

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