January 16, 2013

The JOY of online shopping!

I woke this morning not to my usual extremely annoying alarm but to the doorbell ringing. Standing outside was the ARAMEX guy carrying two huge packages from Mywardrobe.com and Netaporter.com full of goodies I ordered last week. With just one eye open, I tore open all the boxes and tried on every single item and I loved most of them! What a great way to start my day, I'm sure it is going to be a great one now! :)

Online shopping has its perks:
- Ordering from the comfort of your own home
- Getting packages without needing to go all the way to the stores (or in my case Dubai each time I need something decent!)
- Trying on everything and returning what you don't like. I am always embarrassed to try too many items in stores and then walk out without buying anything.

With Net-a-Porter shopping is even easier because you pay a £20 fee to ship your items and nothing when you return them. Mywardrobe.com has a small fee to return items. Items from other websites like Shopbop.com are more expensive to return because you have to pay for the Aramex or FedEx shipping back to the U.S yourself. 

Another great perk of online shopping is that you get to experience a MUCH wider selection from each brand much sooner than when it arrives in the stores in the U.A.E. The online retailers are already selling Spring/Summer and Cruise collection clothes while the shops here are still on sale.  You can even send an email to customer services and they can answer any of your questions: which season did this come from, what do you recommend I pair it with, is it a runway piece? These experts know so much more than the usually useless salespeople in the shops! I use this service quite a lot. 

It can be quite intimidating to put your credit card number online but these websites have become much more secure and your details are usually safe from harm. Some websites have combatted this by allowing you to pay cash on delivery (Boutique1.com) so you only pay for the items you like and don't need to divulge your credit card details. 

While I still prefer to buy certain items from brick and mortar stores (shoes, swimsuits, evening dresses), online shopping is fast becoming the new way to shop. Just receiving those boxes this morning without even needing to step outside my door gave me such a thrill and instantly woke me up :)

Do you like to shop online? What are your favourite websites?


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