January 30, 2013

Victoria Secret at Dubai Mall

Victoria Secret is a lingerie phenomenon - through their stunning models 'Angels' and incredible fashion shows, they created an image of being sexy and flirty, but affordable for women of all ages. I have always liked the fun and playful way that they sell Lingerie. They were the first retailer to make shopping for underwear and pjs exciting and have always provided thousands of options to choose from.  

Each time I visited Dubai Mall this past month, I couldn't help but notice that almost 80% of women were walking around carrying the famous pink stripped Victoria Secret shopping bags! I had heard that they only sell beauty and accessories in the U.A.E so I always wondered what these women were buying. 
This past Friday, I decided to walk into the shop and see all the fuss was about... It was SO worth it! :)

  1. The absolute first thing I realized was that the store is HUGE- you would never think from the front facade that it was that big! You keep walking into more and more rooms with really cool stuff!
  2. They sell almost everything that the brand offers in the U.S: lingerie, nightgowns, swimwear, the PINK collection, and the lotions
  3. The options are endless: from racy and sexy items to colourful fun ones. There is something for everyone! 
  4. This is the first lingerie store in the whole of the U.A.E where I found men either browsing with women or buying for their wives/girlfriends. The atmosphere is so inviting and Victoria Secret has made a name for itself when it comes to being the Lingerie Expert! 
  5. The sales people are extremely friendly and helpful
  6. The changing rooms are worth a visit- they are pink, lush and feel like a boudoir
Even if you don't like their lingerie - you HAVE to walk into this store, the experience is a lot of fun! 

Have you been to the store at Dubai Mall? What did you think?


  1. Hi! I know it's been a while since you posted this but I found it via google. I'm going to Dubai this summer and since we don't have a VS store in my country I would love to buy some in Dubai while i'm there. Is it possible for you to tell me a bit about the prices? Are they the same as on the website or is there a difference because of the taxes?
    Thank you so much :)

    1. Hello Mathilde- thanks for your comment :) I think that the prices are more or less the same as those on the website. We don't have taxes in Dubai, only a 5% import tax that is added on all items and included in all prices.
      The store at Dubai Mall has a really great selection and I think you will enjoy shopping there very much!

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hello plz I need to know if they have the swimwear collection :) thanks a lot

  3. Abu Dhabi won't disappoint people who comes to their place. There are really lots of things happening in there and events to attend to.


  4. How much do the bodymists cost? And do they have any offer? I'm going there in december! :

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  6. hey, i know you postet this a long time ago and i hope you understand my english. i will travel to dubai next summer and i wanted to know which vs store is the best because i heard, there are 3 shops. my biggest dream is to buy a vs (or PINK) hoodie, sweater or zip hoodie. can i buy this in dubai? please answer! kisses from germany <3

  7. Last year,i also visited in Dubai,its so beautiful but I like most wearing style of Dubai,in Dubai i bought some clothes and its so less costly, i shop there bags and garments.it was amazing.
    really nice post,i m enjoying.

  8. Hi, may I know do they sell wallets ?


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