January 6, 2013

FlyWheel at DIFC!

Today I attended a FLYWHEEL DUBAI event at DIFC. FlyWheel is an indoor cycling studio in Dubai which is franchised from New York. Similar to spinning, they offer classes which will literally make you fly! Instead of simply turning the dial on the indoor bike from easy to very difficult, FlyWheel bikes have a screen which indicates exactly what level you are spinning at. For each track, instructors tell you at which target resistance level and RPM you should be striving for. At the end of each class, there is a group level (called torq) and a score board which ranks all the riders. If that dosen't make you want to push yourself, I don't know what will! 

At the DIFC today, instructors and clients from FLYWHEEL DUBAI had their bikes on the lawn under the Gate and were showing the spectators what the classes are all about. 
They were cycling to INCREDIBLE music 

FlyWheel bikes are different from the average spinning bikes and don't have regular pedals. Before each class, each participant gets his/her size of trainers which connect onto the pedals so you and the bike literally FLY together!

You can MEASURE YOUR RESISTANCE by turning this blue knob and seeing your torq and RPM on the screen. It is a lot more effective than simple turning it up or down and you get a better workout
The instructors also gave demonstrations on a new class called FlyBarre which involves fast paced mat exercises using light weights and a small ball. The idea behind this class is to fatigue each muscle before moving onto the next so you get a full body workout.
It looked like a killer but SO MUCH FUN!! 

Next time I'm in Dubai, I'm definitely going to make time for a class instead of shopping or eating!


  1. you look so chic on that bike! now that's a stylish workout!

    1. Haha thanks! Trying out the bike in style :)


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  3. It's to impressive for me especially all the pictures are really very nice. i will also join flywheel at DIFC.


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