March 10, 2013

Decorating Tip of the Week- Velvet Hangers

When I wrote the post about Getting Organized! (link here), the response was absolutely amazing! So I decided to impart a DECORATING TIP OF THE WEEK where I will give useful tips and ideas for organizing or decorating your house. As often as I can, I will try to make the posts mostly Fashion Related. 

I tend to shop a lot and then hesitate before throwing my stuff out or donating things away. I end up with piles of clothing, shoes, bags and jewellery and the main problem is that when I can't find them in my closet, I forget to wear them! On top of that, my biggest pet peeve is clutter and hate cupboards that are not organized. At first, my clothes used to be hung on mismatched hangers, big chunky wooden ones or plastic ones that clothes slip off - until I discovered VELVET HANGERS! OMG they made a huge difference!

My cupboards with velvet hangers- 
I can hang so much more without the clutter!

Benefits of Velvet Hangers:
  1. They are very slim and compact and so save a lot of cupboard space- you can hang ALOT more items!
  2. The velvet coating makes them slip free so clothes don't slip off (especially ones made of silk)
  3. They are ergonomically designed to preserve the shape of your clothes - other hangers can stretch collars or make shoulders of tops and sweaters pointy 
  4. They come in many shapes and sizes for all kinds of clothes and items
  5. They look very pretty and uniform
  6. The hangers for trousers are wide enough to fit around 3 pairs on each- super space saving 
  7. They are lightweight but very strong and can hold heavy coats without breaking

These Velvet Hangers are ideal for ties, belts, scarves or necklaces

They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. 
These animal print ones are sold in packs of 3 in many colors at Home Center

Velvet hangers are so amazing that I HIGHLY recommend you try them! 
I personally bought Value Packs from (link) but shipping them to the U.A.E was very expensive. They can be found in packs of 3 or 5 in any Home Center store

What do you think? Are you interested in more decorating tips?

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