May 11, 2013

Keira Knightly's Wedding Dress

Say you were a celebrity and you had the chance to pick any one of the BIGGEST designers to make you a custom made wedding dress, who would you choose? Oh, and did I mention that it'll also probably be free? Who would be your pick? Mine would probably be Karl Lagerfeld or Valentino or something utterly extravagant and the dress of my dreams... 

Well, British superstar actress  Keira Knightly actually RECYCLED (!!) an old dress that she had by Rodarte. PLUS she wore flats and teamed it with the Chanel White Jacket that she was photographed in for the Little Black Jacket Exhibition. She looks incredible of course but STILL?!! 

Do you think celebrities get so many amazing dresses to wear to awards and ceremonies that at their weddings, they just want to be comfortable and carefree? For the rest of us, our wedding dress is one of the most beautiful dresses we ever wear in our lives so they have to be super special? 

Keira's Wedding Dress

In the same Rodarte dress at the BAFTAS in 2008 with her ex- boyfriend 
(Isn't that bad karma?)

Keira in the Chanel white jacket 

What do you think? Would you recycle an old dress and wear it to your wedding? 


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