May 31, 2013

Jumpsuits & Playsuits - My Summer Staples

I'm OBSESSED with Jumpsuits and Playsuits - especially for summer. They are a great alternative to dresses and can be worn anywhere and at anytime. (Jumpsuits have longer pants and playsuits have shorts so are usually more casual.) They are so versatile, easy to wear, and since they are one piece- you don't need to find a matching top or bottom. 

Wear them with flats during the day, with flip flops to the beach, or with heels and statement jewellery at night and you will always look AMAZING. My only issue with jumpsuits and playsuits is that for some unknown reason, designers like to put the zippers at the back so it's almost impossible to go to the rest room or get in and out of them without anyone helping you!  Besides that small inconvenient issue, jumpsuits and playsuits are my summer staples. 

Here are a few that I am OBSESSING over right now:

This jumpsuit has the CUTEST little anchors printed all over it and is perfect for summer
I would pair it with huge statement earrings and a coloured clutch 

I love that this playsuit seems like a dress but is actually shorts. Also, while it looks plain at the front, it is decorated with delicate white embroidery on each side, giving it a very special touch.
Pair this with sparkly flats, a cross body bag and tons of bracelets and run around all day in it 

I LOVE the printed sides on this otherwise plain jumpsuit

The lace panels on this printed jumpsuit make it stand out -
Pair it with nude or black shoes and bag so as not to clash with the print 

Absolutely OBSESSED! with this playsuit- it is covered in beads and has a stunning back
Also its on SALE! :) 

I think this would look amazing for summer evenings with a great pair of heels

The Lace on this playsuit has been cut into daisies and is very 1960s

I love the electric blue colour of this jumpsuit- it's a great alternative to a party dress 

I would wear this to the beach over my swimsuit with a comfy pair of flip flips and a fedora hat

Jumpsuits and Playsuits don't always fit well so try on a few till you find the perfect fit.  I personally like a tapered leg fit and a slightly looser top but each person differs.
Happy Shopping Ladies! 

Do you like to wear jumpsuits and playsuits? 

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