May 28, 2013

Up Close & Personal: Ayah Tabari of MOCHI

Most of us have lost appreciation for the beautiful art of embroidery made by local artisans from around the world. Fresh from our very own Dubai, there is a new 'It' brand on the market. MOCHI is reviving embroidery in a way that is cool, fun and extremely wearable. It is such a hit that everyone in the Fashion Industry here has been seen wearing its pieces! I sat down with Ayah Tabari, the designer behind the brand to learn more about it and find out what inspired her to start her own fashion line. 

Tell me about MOCHI - What made you decide to start your own brand? 
I had the opportunity to visit Goa in 2011 and was immediately enthralled by the beautiful embroidery and colours. I wanted to use these unique features but with a modern spin. I decided to launch Mochi – trend driven, modern silhouettes in authentic, and traditional fabrics. I now plan to visit different regions around the world, renowned for their embroidery, every season to really celebrate the art of embroidery and bridge the cultural gap between us.

Ayah in shorts by MOCHI

What sorts of things do you sell?
I design skirts, jackets, shorts, vests, crop top sets, bags, and pouches to name a few. I think there really isn’t a limit to what Mochi can do!

Fun, colourful and playful shorts from the Summer collection 

Describe the 'MOCHI' Girl?
An open minded, fashion savvy girl who is keen to discover the world through her wardrobe.

Tell me about your collection for Spring/Summer 2013?
This season I focused on Jaipur, India. I decided to go with Jaipur as the focus for my first collection because of their spectacular embroidery, beautiful culture and their vibrant colours. The collection features a range of easy to wear styles, which are all embroidered by local artisans.

What is your favourite item or items in the collection?
I think my favourite piece has to be the crop top and skirt set. The set has by far been our best seller – I love how flirty and feminine it is. Also, due to the fact it is two pieces, it can be worn in so many different ways.

MOCHI's best sellers and Ayah's favourite pieces from her collection 

What is in store for your next collection?
I will be visiting the next ‘Mochi’ region in the upcoming months to start work on our next collection. I can’t wait to reveal what I have in store. In the mean time, Mochi will also be coming out with some special pieces for both Ramadan and Eid.

Ayah wearing a MOCHI Maxi skirt from her upcoming Ramadan Collection

Where can my readers buy MOCHI?
Mochi is available at S*uce and ValleyDez in the U.A.E.

Make sure you drop by the summer trunk show at my house on Wednesday to buy fantastic summer pieces from MOCHI and from other guest vendors like West L.A. boutique, SARA EBBETT, &  Pearlesque.

Can't wait to see you there! :)

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