May 6, 2013


So I was browsing a website called The Editorialist (link) which sells really cool accessories and I came across this diamond necklace. 

It's a nice necklace and is designed by a finalist of the CDFA/VOGUE Fashion Fund- Jennifer Fischer. Then I looked at the price tag and FREAKED!! It is $250,000!!!

Apparently this necklace was designed for the Tiffany Design Challenge under the guidance of Anna Wintour. It is 18 carat gold and has 20.35 carat diamonds. No description of what kind of diamonds they are, their clarity, if they are certified - NOTHING! Also, to make matters worse - the necklace is on a drawing of a model and not a real person so there is no way of knowing how it looks worn in reality! 

I shop online quite a lot but I would never spend this amount of money simply by clicking a button and entering my credit card details. IF you could buy such a necklace, wouldn't you need to try it on and love it? How crazy would it be to receive a $250,000 package from the Aramex guy? Finally, if your credit card had such a large limit - would you actually put its details online for all kinds of hackers and thieves to steal it?

I am really interested in your thoughts on this.... is it just me or is this ABSOLUTE MADNESS? Should there be a limit to how much we can spend on items online?

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