May 5, 2013

D Jewellery by Dalia Hamdallah

The great thing about events like Fashion Forward (Link) is that you get introduced to amazing designers and brands that are not widely available. One of these designers is Dalia Hamdallah. From the pop up store at the event, I bought two items. One was a By Sophie bracelet and the other was a really cool wire necklace by a brand D Jewellery (Link). On the last day of the event, we were invited to a lunch and out of pure coincidence, I was seated on the same table as the designer of the piece I bought! She was wearing STUNNING earrings and so naturally, I had to ask where they were from!! 

Dalia Hamdallah is Palestinian and lived in Egypt and Sudan for most of her life. From there, she grew to love ethnic jewellery and semi-precious stones, and gained "a passion for jewellery, stones, and the passion to create." She started her jewellery line D Jewellery in 2002 which consists of costume jewellery made out of wire and stones. The pieces are incredible and really stood out to me. 

Take a look at some pieces in her collection below: 

The amount of work in each of these pieces is very impressive and they are sure to grab TONS of attention! 

You can find D Jewellery at O de Rose boutique in Dubai, For the Love of Vintage in Amman, Sinwan in Jeddah and on in Cairo. 


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