June 2, 2013

AMAZING skincare products by Kiehl's

KIEHL'S is an American cosmetics brand that sells skin, hair and body care products for both men and women. Unlike other cosmetic brands, KIEHL's is all about the quality and effectiveness of the product and not the beauty of the packaging. In fact, everything is sold in plain white or blue containers with the name of the product and its ingredients on the front. Simple, straight forward, effective, yet amazing! They are constantly updating their product offering with the newest, most effective ingredients on the market and I find it one of the BEST skin care brands on the market. 

Both my hubby and I are OBSESSED with Kiehl's:

Products I swear by (top row- left to right): 

Products my hubby loves (bottom row): 

KIEHL's was established in New York in 1851 as a pharmacy that sold skin solutions. In 2000 they decided to go back to their roots and introduced a skincare line called DERMATOLOGIST SOLUTIONS.  This line includes advanced skincare products that target premature aging, irritation, and sensitive skin. They are basically effective products with natural ingredients that doctors would prescribe but that are sold in department stores. 

Details of Product:
Alcohol Free so ideal for sensitive skin
PH Balanced and light
Soothes Skin
Contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera which soothes skin, Honey which moisturizes skin & Cantella (Tiger Herb) which is antibacterial and heals the skin 

What I used it for:
So far I have used it after shaving and waxing to soothe my skin, as a face moisturizer when I went skiing to calm my blotchy and dry skin, and most recently as an after-sun for my husband's burnt shoulders and face. 

My review:
The Cantella Recovery Skin- Salve is AMAZING - it is lightweight and as easily absorbed into my skin and no matter what I used it for, I felt immediate relief. A little goes a LONG way so 1 tube will last for at least 6 months. I'm hooked and highly recommend it! 

KIEHL'S is sold on it's website (Link Here) or in major department stores around the world. 
In the U.A.E, it is sold in Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, & in Dubai Duty Free

What are your favourite Kiehl's products? 

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