May 25, 2013

My BEACH BAG Essentials

I'm a real beach bum and I love going to the beach, especially in summer. It's the most place in the world where I feel relaxed and happy and  there is nothing more fulfilling than coming home with a tan! For me, the perfect vacation is going to a beach destination somewhere in the world. Living in the U.A.E, we are so spoiled that we can go to the beach any day of the year. I usually go on Fridays and have my beach bag ready to just jump up and GO! 

I find Packing light for a vacation almost IMPOSSIBLE... packing my beach bag isn't any different! Over time, I have perfected the art of only taking what I need. 


Coverup, Magazines, a book, beauty bag, sunglasses, tissue, money and my Iphone

Inside my beach bag is a cute beauty bag from Felix Rey (link). I love that it is clear plastic so I can easily see my stuff inside and it keeps out both sand and water.
Inside you'll find everything I need to stay beautiful on the beach:

- Small brush from Jacques Dessange (I use a different brush on the beach and at home. I don't like to use the same for both  because the one on the beach will always retain chlorine, salt water, and sand particles no matter how much I wash it out)
- Kerastase Huile Celeste - this gives unbelievable protection for my hair from the sun (Link)
Hawaian Tropic Tanning Oil
- Dior Addict Lip Glow - it is sheer, moisturizes my lips, and doesn't melt in the sun like other balms (Link)
- Occitaine Hand Cream
- Sephora Perfume Atomizer filled with a light fragrance like Vanilla (Link)
- Rubber Bands, bobby pins and a clip
- Panadol

My Sunglasses 

Best part about beach day is catching up on my reading- today my picks were the new Grazia and ELLE. 
I also grabbed my book of the moment 'CHANEL: An Intimate Life' 

What's in YOUR beach bag??

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