May 9, 2013

LaFayette Gourmet Food Festival

Have you ever walked around Dubai Mall starving but unsure of what to eat, despite the many options? You find everything too normal and unsatisfying. Well, there is one more food destination to add to your list that will blow you away and leave you aching to come back for more... The Gourmet Food Hall at Galeries Lafayette.  After a long day of shopping, I usually stop here for a healthy salad - the kind where you have a choice from tons of ingredients and they toss it on the spot - or one of their many stations of freshly cooked food. There is something about food being cooked in front of me that makes it taste better and when the ingredients are super fresh, colourful and delicious- well then, that's something I will keep coming back to! 

Today, I was invited to the Food Festival at Galeries Lafayette. OMG there was station upon station of delicious food to eat. The suppliers of the ingredients and masterchefs were there to teach us about what we were eating and how they are made. Food like smoked salmon from Norway that is specially smoked and chilled in the cold temperatures of Canada, or purple potatoes made into a salad, coloured beets that are roasted and then drizzled with honey, Canadian angus beef and Quebec Veal, honey from Yemen... the list is endless! Everything we ate at the festival had three features in common: they were unbelievably fresh, incredibly delicious, and undeniably the highest quality of ingredients sourced from all over the world! 

I could sit here and rave about the food for pages and pages but it's the pictures that will leave your mouth watering! Here is my experience in pictures - Enjoy :)

We were treated to station after station of delicious, wholesome and fresh food like Angus beef, smoked salmon, paella, cheese, honey, pasta, dumplings, and rare fruits and veggies.
The Gourmet Hall is like heaven for food lovers! 

 Barrel upon barrel of CHEESE

I wish I could make sandwiches at home that look and taste as good as these  

 This was my favourite- smoked salmon from Norway that is covered in a secret blend of salt and spices, then marinated for 24 hours in REAL VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP (!!!), then smoked and finally chilled. I have never tasted more tender or flavourful smoked salmon in my life

 Delicious  Raw Honey from Yemen with combinations like honey & ginger 

 Purple Potato Salad- tastes very nutty ... YUMM! 

 How cute is this pasta stand?

For all you chocoholics out there- they even make their own chocolate fresh on the spot

The Lafayette Gourmet Food Festival will run from May 8 till 12 from 10 am to 6 pm. 
There will also be free masterclasses for anyone interested.
The Gourmet Hall is located on the second floor of Galeries Lafayette at the Dubai Mall 

If you love fresh, delicious food straight from the source, I highly recommend you go and let your taste buds take over! 

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