May 12, 2013

FABULOUS Secret Celebrity Hair Product!

Celebrities ALWAYS have fabulous hair on red carpets, in all the magazines, and even when snapped by the Paparazzi while doing their daily errands. What is their secret??? Well, they have MANY secrets and I was lucky enough to find out about one of them! :)

 Jen Atkin and Tracey Cunningham - LA Celebrity Hairstylist and Haircolorist at Belle Femme 
(Notice how my hair part blends in with the rest of my hair)

I got my hair cut and coloured by LA celebrity Hairstylists Jen Atkin  and Tracey Cunningham at Belle Femme yesterday. Between them they are responsible for every single amazing celebrity's hair. We are talking creme de la creme: J LO, Emma Roberts, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Christina Hendricks, Nicole Richie, Sofia Vergara, the Kardashians... the list is endless. What do they all have in common? REALLY AMAZING HAIR! :)

You know how when you blow out our hair, your scalp always shows through your parting? Well, Jen Atkin uses a FABULOUS hair product that hides your roots- Root Concealer! Have you ever thought of such a thing?!

After you blow out your hair, spray the root concealer on your hairline and scalp and your part immediately blends in with the rest of your hair! It even temporarily covers grey hairs when you haven't had the time to get them dyed. It dries in seconds and completely washes off in the shower. 

                                             BEFORE                     AFTER 
The concealer comes in 5 colours: Blond, Dark Blond, Light Brown, DarkBrown/Black, and Red. There is a colour for everyone and it only costs $25 a bottle! 

This is one product I am definitely buying in bulk & adding to my beauty bag!

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