May 10, 2013

Perfume Bottle Clutches


I have recently become quite obsessed with Perfume Bottle Clutches. Charlotte Olympia headed the trend this season and took inspiration from perfume bottles in the 1920s. She then added her fun spin and made them out of transparent plastic.  They are completely impractical, don't fit ANYTHING other than a stick of lipstick at most, but look fantastic with outfits! If you are worried about where to fit your phone, cover it in a catchy case and it will be another accessory added into the mix. Since when was Fashion meant to be practical???

The Perfume Bottle Clutches are mostly see-through and made of perspex so consider them arm candy, rather than handbags. I think they would look AMAZING with evening wear, or even perched on your dressing table with the rest of your perfumes.  
Whatever you decide to do with yours, you can't deny that they are simply FABULOUS.... 


This clutch is pure luxury!
It is modelled after Lanvin's Arpege perfume bottle and is lined with velvet

Will you be carrying a perfume bottle clutch this season?? 


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