May 16, 2013

Lash Extensions at Sugar Urban Nails

After My Lash Extensions 

I've always envied women with really long and thick lashes but am super uncomfortable wearing mascara all day long to get the look. I only wear it for outings at night when I'm all dressed up or to special events... and I never, EVER use a lash curler- those things freak me out! Thats why I am always on the lookout for the perfect mascara that will curl, lengthen, and volumize! (Read my post here)

I was very happy to discover that Sugar Urban Nails in Khalifa City A (Link) offers a Lash Extension Treatment. It supposedly gives you lashes that feel real but are longer, thicker and more curled. I decided to try it out!

Here is a DETAILED description of my experience: 
(Warning, the pics are super close ups!) 

My eyelashes BEFORE the lash extensions - they were very quite flat and spaced out

STEP 1:  The beautician taped down my lower lashes so they couldn't touch the bottom ones. 
(She only put extensions on my upper lashes)
She also taped the upper lids so I don't open eyes mid- treatment

STEP 2: Using 4 lengths of lashes, she applied them to different parts of my eyelids using lash glue.  The lashes are very soft and have a nice texture
The longer lashes go on the outer corners and the shorter lashes go on the inside so you get an overall very REAL effect

In general, I have quite sensitive and very dry eyes, so I found the process to be quite irritating. My eyes burned a bit but nothing too bad. A full set of lashes is 40 on each eye but I only put 15 each. 

STEP 3: After she finished applying the lashes, I kept my eyes closed for another ten minutes till the glue dried. Then the tape was removed and VOILA! Longer, Darker, Voluminous and Curled Lashes. Amazing! :)

The process takes around 1.5 hours to 2 hours so make sure you have the time for this treatment. The beautician at Sugar Urban Nails was so sweet that she brought me a radio and tuned it onto 104.8 so time would pass quicker. She was super friendly and we chatted the time away :)

I have had them for a week now and they feel like regular lashes. The odd one falls out every few days but its totally manageable. PLUS, I always look like I have mascara on and my eyes look naturally awake. What more could a girl want? 

Sugar Urban Nails is now open in Khalifa A in Abu Dhabi opposite La Brioche. Call (02) 553-0525 for more details 

Are you interested in getting Lash Extensions?? 

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