June 28, 2013

The BEST Eye Makeup Remover

For a LONG time now, I have been searching for the PERFECT eye make-up remover and I FINALLY found it! I am the type of person who either puts barely any makeup on or goes all out for occasions. When I go all out, I usually do smokey eyes with the thick black mascara, black kohl and liquid eyeliner. Sure, it looks great on but is IMPOSSIBLE to take off! 

CLARINS Instant Eye Makeup remover claims to remove all traces of eye makeup including long wearing and waterproof formulas and it really does. With one swipe of the cotton almost all my makeup went off last night. It is oil-based but didn't burn my eyes. Make sure to wash your face well after you use it. It is suitable for all skin types. 

How I Used it:
- Soak a cotton with lots of this product and swipe it over your eyelids, face and neck
- Use a dry new cotton ball and re-swipe your face (lots of makeup  will came off)
- Wash your face well
- Voila makeup free!! :)

Do you have a makeup remover you absolutely love 
& is super effective? 
PLEASE share!

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