June 14, 2013

The PERFECT Last Minute gifts for Father's Day

I find buying gifts for fathers and men in general extremely difficult! There are only so many ties, cuff-links, and shirts that you can get a man. With women, it is so much easier because all you need to buy is some kind of jewellery, expensive handbag, or a bouquet of flowers and you are set!  Father's Day is this coming Sunday (June 16) and I scoured the net to find cool gifts for your dads and husbands.... You won't find ANY ties or cufflinks in this list :)

Most Middle Eastern men love to play backgammon. Gift your dad this funky, plexi one and he will love you even more! 
Backgammon Table at S*uce Gifts 

IPOD Minis are ideal for travelling - they are so small they fit anywhere yet have all the functionality of a regular computer. Make your gift extra special by engraving the back

This watch was designed for US Navy Seals. It is sleek and lightweight, water resistant and glows in the dark. The perfect watch for outdoor activities

If your dad loves to grill, this electric grill is a good gift

If your dad is athletic, nothing is cooler than a completely personalized pair of Nike trainers.

If you still REALLY don't know what to buy- you can never go wrong with a wallet or a money clip

Hope you found the perfect gift from my list 
Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there! 

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