June 16, 2013

Mirabelle Boutique in Abu Dhabi

When someone invites you to a boutique based out of their house- you don't really expect very much. This was the case with me and Mirabelle Boutique. The owner invited me over and I went with zero expectations, quite skeptical of what I might find. I was utterly SHOCKED when I found a well-stocked boutique with fabulous brands from LA. It is set up so nicely that you even forget that you are in someone's house!

Mirabelle Boutique (Link) is a unique concept in Abu Dhabi, a city which caters to very high end shopping or low end. There are barely any boutiques which sell mid-range, affordable yet super cool clothing and accessories that allow you to stand out from the crowd. Everything at this boutique is from LA and I found it very hard to leave empty handed! Salma has great taste and it was a joy browsing through the rails of clothes and accessories. 

 In the centre of the room, there is a HUGE stand of every single cut and fit of jeans you can imagine with pics of all the celebrities who wore them 

I personally loved the large selection of flat, comfy summer shoes and espadrilles

They have everyday jewellery like thin chains and bracelets that would make perfect presents

I bought these cute, super comfy, amazing quality pjs 

Mirabelle Boutique is located at Khalifa Park, Bloom Gardens Villa 15A in Abu Dhabi

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  1. wow I never knew something like this existed in Abu Dhabi. Thanks for letting us know and great pictures :)



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