December 22, 2012

What to Wear this Festive Season - Part 3

For the final post of What to Wear this Festive Season-  I will be covering the ever versatile leather pants! I love leather pants because while they are like leggings and can be worn everywhere and with everything, the fact that they are LEATHER immediately ups your look a few notches.

Advice for buying leather pants: 

  1. Real leather pants tend to be quite expensive so if you can get yourself a pair in the sales, they will last you a long time. They are a great investment piece and never go out of style. The same goes for a leather jacket. I bought a short one on sale from YSL 3 years ago and I still wear it till today!
  2. Fake leather (named Pleather or plastic leather) which is sold in trendy stores like H&M and ZARA can look quite plasticy so keep looking till you find a pair that look more 'real'
  3. Leather doesn't need to be black, you can buy any colour of leather pants, skirts, or jackets and still look on-trend
  4. Look for soft leather- it is a lot more comfortable
  5. The debate has been on all season about  the Double Leather Trend. This is basically wearing leather on the top and bottom, i.e. leather pants and a leather jacket. Lots of stars have been sporting this look, Rihanna for example, and they look good but I personally don't like it. Its your choice! (You can read a little more about this trend at this article by Elle Magazine here)

This look would look great for informal dinners or get-togethers with friends: 
I gave three options for shoes depending on your mood and the outing you are dressing for! 
  1. Jewelled silk top by MOSCHINO CHEAP & CHIC
  2. Black leather leggings by JOSEPH
  3. Sequinned cardigan by ZARA
  4. Statement ring by AAMAYA BY PRIYANKA
  5. Beaded box clutch by ZARA
  6. Option 1 for shoes: Peep toe ankle boots by LUCY CHOI 
  7. Option 2 for shoes: Suede ankle boots by SEE BY CHLOE
  8. Option 3 for shoes: Green snakeprint heels by LUCY CHOI

This works for a more laid-back look that you can wear to the mall or to lunch with your girlfriends:
  1. All eyes on you jumper by 3.1 PHILLIP LIM - this has been on my wishlist for a while now!
  2. Leather doesn't have to be black. These burgundy ones by PAIGE DENIM are stunning! 
  3. Ray Bans
  4. Studded bag with tassels by ZARA
  5. SEE BY CHLOE Suede boots - these look so comfortable! 
To see how I wore my leather pants the other night, click here

I really hope you enjoyed my blog posts on What to Wear this Festive Season...  I wish you the best of luck in choosing your outfits :)
Which of my posted outfits from the past three days was your favourite?

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