December 17, 2012

Up Close & Personal: AMAL of AILA Bags

There is a new handbag brand on my radar that I just can't get enough of- AILA bags! They are fun, edgy and the best part, AFFORDABLE. Distinguished by their bright colours and gold or silver studs, these bags scream attention! They can be carried in many different ways and are guaranteed to add an oomph to all your outfits, especially the ones for this festive season :) 

Neon pink folded over clutch

Based out of hip and trendy Beirut, AILA is the brainchild of 31 year old Palestinian Amal Khourshid. She started designing handbags in 2007 and named her brand AILA because she always liked the name. Then came her daughter and she named her AILA as well, how cute is that?! 

I sat down with Amal to learn more about the brains and inspiration behind this stunning brand... 

Tell me about the brand? What was your inspiration to start it?

Before getting into Fashion, I double majored in Fashion and Economics. However, since childhood, fashion has swept my mind away. While still working in Investment, I decided to design the perfect python clutch for myself one day. And the story began. After the great success and attention that the bag received, and after uncovering my obsession for bags, I got inspired to share my dream. AILA bags was born. Feminine, glamorous and sophisticated are all qualities innate in the AILA woman. 

Envelope Clutch

Your bags are like arm candy with their spikes and bold colors. None of them are basic bags. 
Is there a reason for this?

We love funky and edgy designs and I believe that they are in high demand in our market. There is a lot of competition in the marketplace from the worldwide known brands and I wanted to design bags that really stood out and were distinguishable. For customers with more classic taste, however, there are bags in my collections with more traditional colours.

Do you have any favourites in your new collection?

Yes, the Beach Clutch and the Spike Me clutch bag. 

The colourful 'Beach Clutch'

The 'Spike Me' orange Clutch

How do you get inspiration for your collections? 

I get inspired by my surroundings, travel experiences, my family, my husband and the most important person in my life- my daughter AILA.

Palm Spike Clutch

How often do you put out a collection?

Twice a year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter

Do you plan on expanding AILA?

I recently launched 'Little AILA' - leather goods and bags for little girls and toddlers. For now, I would rather reach perfection in designing handbags and manufacturing before expanding into anything other than bags. 

'Spike Me' blue Clutch

Anything else you would like to tell me about your brand?

Our bags are fun, quirky, trendy and affordable! :)

Where can my readers purchase your stunning bags?

On, S*uce Boutiques, or they can email me at and place an order. We currently ship to anywhere in the Middle East.  

Thanks a lot for your time! I hope I find an AILA bag from one of my family members wrapped under the tree this Xmas :) 

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