December 26, 2012

Dear Dior Haute Jewellery Collection

The hustle and bustle and stress of Christmas is over- PHEW! I decided to reward myself by spending today relaxing, sleeping in and putting away or using the many gifts and boxes that are still sitting in a heap on the floor. Unfortunately, all the sales officially started today (Netaporter for example) and I have spent the past three hours putting things I really don't need into my online shopping bag!  Instead of hitting the 'Purchase Now' button, I decided to browse the internet and I found the most BEAUTIFUL jewellery pieces by Christian Dior.

Named 'Dear Dior', this collection of fine jewellery consists of oversized, vibrant, colourful, and sparkly pieces. They were inspired by costume jewellery Mr. Christian Dior used in his couture collections in the 1950s. Each piece has an exquisitely engraved back based on historic lace designs of now-vintage couture dresses. In fact, the name of each piece is made up of two or three elements: a detail from an haute couture dress with the name of the central stone or a harmony of colours. 

Dior's fine jewellery designer, Ms. Victoire de Castellane (above), is the mastermind behind this exquisite collection of precious stones and diamonds. She says of the collection "It's about the magic of stones. They are like super-power jewellery, like when you are a child and you want super powers. I imagine it gives you super powers!" (

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection: 

Dentelle Chantilly Multi-colored ring 

 Dentelle Opale-D'Orient ring

Dentelle Opale D'Orient bracelet

 Dentelle Medaillon Soleil earrings with their intricate lace back

Bouquet D'Opales earrings

Bouquet D'Opales Ring

The following two items are the only ones that can be reproduced from this collection: 

(Source: All pics were taken from

Aren't they stunning pieces of art?!! 

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