December 5, 2012

Aesthetic Skincare Centre

Last week, I was invited to the Aesthetic Skincare Centre in Abu Dhabi for a deep cleansing facial. I am usually very picky about where I get my facials done as my skin is quite sensitive and I tend to return to the same places I like over and over. 

While hesitant at first to try somewhere new, I was actually very impressed with the Centre and even more so with the Norwegian aesthetician that did my facial. She was very knowledgeable and gives a HEAVENLY face and neck massage! I left with zero scars and a very clean face. She was super friendly and the hour flew by while we laughed and shared stories. She also taught me A LOT about my skin type! 

While I only got a basic facial, the Centre offers a large variety of services such as: Plastic surgery, slimming and body treatments, dermatology, skin care therapies, medical services and all kinds of new laser treatments. They are carried out by doctors and licensed aestheticians so you will always get a job well done. Even better is that packages are offered to both men and women to ensure the health of skin and body for all. 

I loved that the room was such a happy place- 
large with purple walls and pictures of flowers hanging on them.
 I hate stuffy, claustrophobic facial rooms!!

The aesthetician first determined my skin type, cleaned it thoroughly, gave me an unbelievable massage which I didn't want to end, cleaned my pores without using any steam, put a mask and voila, 
beautiful and fresh skin!

My mask after she peeled it off
The products that are used for the facials are very good quality and only contain good ingredients

Would I return? Definitely! Perhaps next time I will also try one of their large range of services. 

The Aesthetic Skincare Centre has branches in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. You can visit their website here to learn more about their offerings. 

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  1. This establishment is just amazing! Their services from the preliminary parts of whatever skin care treatment you need, down to the post-processes are just incredible. A perfect place to visit indeed.


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