December 10, 2012

New Department Store to open in Abu Dhabi!

PSSSSST... To all you Fashionistas out there- I have some really exciting news to share with you. Someone has FINALLY noticed that we are in desperate need for stores in Abu Dhabi! 

I met yesterday with the Senior Buyer from the British department store, House of Fraser. They are a well established department store, having first opened in 1850, and they own 62 stores in the U.K, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They carry over 1000 brands that range from the lower-end to the higher end. 

The good news for us? They will be opening at the Central Market in Abu Dhabi next year! Yay!!

While I can't disclose details of my meeting, what I CAN tell you is that they will be bringing tons of funky brands from home wear, women's wear, men's wear, lingerie, kid's wear, swimsuits, shoes and makeup. I can't wait!!

Keep reading this space for updates about the House of Fraser in Abu Dhabi.

WOOHOO!!! :)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the good news with us


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