December 14, 2012

Outfit Du Jour- Going back to the 60s!

I was invited last night to a 60s themed Christmas party where everyone was required to dress up. I spent three weeks researching what the ladies wore in the 60s and there were SO many different designs and cuts! 

Many of the iconic ladies that we know are from the 60s and they have such different styles. For example, Jackie O (classic and ladylike), Brigitte Bardot (hippie, big hair), Audrey Hepburn (classic with longer hemlines and lifted hair) and Twiggy (pixie cut hair, distinct makeup, loud dresses). 

In the end, I went for a Mad Men theme and did up my hair BIG with a thick headband. I bought vintage Givenchy earrings from the 1960s, and spent one whole hour following a tutorial on Youtube on how to do 60s makeup! At the end, after all my effort, I think I did a pretty good job! Every single lady at the party looked utterly fabulous as well and everyone had put such an amazing effort! 

Dress by Kenzo from Boutique 1, headband from Claire's Accessories, vintage Givenchy earrings from Pearlesque (thank you Gazl!), gloves from Claire's Accessories, shoes by Lanvin

What do you think? Did I manage to pull off a 1960s look? 


I look forward to reading your comments :)