August 19, 2013

Sexy Summer Soles


Summer isn't a good time for your feet - especially when you want to show them off in open-toe sandals and flip flops! Feet can swell to up to half a size bigger due to heat and humidity and this causes lots of unattractive problems! Cracked heels, sweaty soles, blisters, and tired and achy feet are all common symptoms. Here is a comprehensive guide to preventing these problems and how to deal with them when they happen. 

1) Issue: Dry & Cracked Heels
Dry and Cracked heels are very common in the summer. Most of us opt for lighter footwear like flip-flops and open-backed sandals rather than covered shoes. When they rub around the edge of our heels, they cause dry skin and callouses which build up everyday and get progressively worse if not treated. 
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Buy a pumice stone or foot file and gently file your soles and dry skin after your shower every day. Apply a rich moisturizing cream like E45 cream or any foot cream before bed. Give yourself a mini foot massage if you have time - it helps moisturize and relieve your skin. For long distance walking or hiking, use Compeed Heel Cracks Plasters (Link) - they are amazing! 

2) Issue: Sweaty Soles
It's a gazillion degrees out and just as you get sweaty and hot outdoors, so do your feet. Sweaty soles are prone to fungal infections and frictional blisters and can smell!  With this summer's espadrilles trend, I can imagine this is an issue for quite a few of you! 

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder  

Cool your feet in running cold water several times a day and use a foot powder to absorb excess moisture. If you suffer from smelly soles, use an antibacterial wash as well. Dry them well then sprinkle some Johnson&Johnson baby powder or cooling foot powders in your shoes before you put them on.

3) Issue: Blisters
Blisters are more common in the summer. When feet swell, they rub against your shoes, especially against the thongs of flip flops. This causes blisters on the backs of your heels, on the sides of your feet, and in between your toes. 

Try to wear shoes that fit well and keep your feet dry to prevent blisters. While it is better to let your blister heel naturally in open air, it's difficult when you are on vacation and moving around alot. Cover it with a skin coloured plaster with medicated gel inside to heal your blister. 

4) Issue: Tired & Achy Feet
Flip flips and flat shoes have no structure and barely provide enough arch support. Especially if you are walking in them all day touring cities. By the end of the day, feet are usually tired and swollen and it's difficult to stay standing for long. 

If you are going to be on your feet all day, wear sneakers rather than open sandals. Put gel support cushions in your shoes and heels to help absorb the shock and protect your feet. If you have time, soak your feet in a hot basin of 1 cup epsom salts and 1 cup of baking soda. Add peppermint oil to cool tired feet or rosemary oil which is anti-fungal. 

Most importantly, try to get a regular pedicure to keep your toe nails sexy and in good shape. One of my favourites in Sugar Urban Nails' Sexy Soles Pedicure (Link). I also highly recommend a regular foot massage to relieve the pressure points in your soles. Use a daily foot moisturizer and have fun with your nailpolish! 

Do you use any special foot products in summer??

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